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What does Crispin conclude with Bear after eavesdropping on his conversation with John Ball?

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What does it mean when a girl eavesdrops only your conversations if you are a guy?

She is trying to know if your talking about her or not. Because she wants to know if you like her! but the tricky thing about this is does she like you. so take it to another

Discuss the functions of conversation gossip and overhearing or eavesdropping in Much Ado About Nothing Use examples to support your assertions?

Eavesdropping is one of the biggest actions that can make or break  somebody's decision. There are different occurrences when  eavesdropping can occur. The most obvious one

In the book crispin how do bear and crispin enter the town of lodgecot?

They entered with Crispin playing his fife and Bear juggling. They went to the village priest after causing a scene and Bear got down on his knees and said that Crispin was hi

Why did bear criticize crispins prayers and his lead cross?

Bear does not believe that you need an artifact like a lead cross or prayers to be close to God and that all you need is the cross in your heart

What does bear teach crispin?

the pipe how to juggle to sing and dance

Why did bear like crispin in the book crispin?

Crispin was like a son to Bear. Bear loved Crispin like a friend and like the son he never had. Crispin tried to protect Bear, just as Bear tried to protect Crispin.

What is a ball bearing?

it is a mechanical equipment to reduce friction. It is used in  moving parts very often.