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What is the meaning of testing?

In general the word 'testing' is used to describe some process for finding out if something is as it is expected or thought to be. In terms of Computer Programming testing

What is the DTR sensor on a 2001 ford explorer sport trac?

The Digital Transmission Range sensor is a combination switch/sensor that detects what gear is selected by the shift lever, such as Park, Reverse, Neutral ect.. It has a switc

Were is the chassis number for a Yamaha dtr 125?

hi the chassis number on a dtr 125 and in fact all bikes ive ever seen is stamped into the the side of the tube at the front of the frame where the front forks go and the engi

What is mean by Manual testing in software testing?

That part of software testing that requires operator input,analysis, or evaluation. Manual testing requires a testerto perform manual test operations on the test softwarewitho

What is mean by test cases and test results?

Test cases are a collection of Test specifications, Test procedures, and Test programs developed by a Software Engineer before designing and writing a piece of code. Their pur

What is mean by smoke testing in software testing?

Smoke testing is conducted to ensure whether the most crucial functions of a program are working, but not bothering with finer details. smoke testing is done in order 2 check
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What does testing mean?

Testing means when you discover how to do something by testing if something works or doesn't. For example, testing it by an experiment.