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Would solar mean solar system?

    It depends on the situation. Usually, the word "solar" by itself means "of/pertaining to a star". Sol (with a capital S) refers to the star that Earth orbits, spec

Meaning to solar system?

If you're asking WHY the solar system is called that, it is because the sun (solar) is the center object controlling the orbits of the individual planets. As to the meaning of

What does solar system name mean?

the name solar system means a system of planets around the star. hope this helps! Solar systems are found throughout the universe but the one we know is in the milky way and t

What does AU mean in the solar system?

  AU is short for astronomical units. You use astronomical units to measure distance in the solar system.       distances of the p

The effect of gravity in the solar system?

Gravity is essentially what keeps the solar system together. Without the gravitational pull of the sun, the planets would have floated off into space billions of years ago. Gr

What how does gravity effect the Solar System?

Gravity is what holds the solar system together. Imagine swinging a weight on a string in circles above your head. If the string were cut, the weight wouldn't keep going in

What are effects gravity has in your solar system?

Standing on earth, there are three bodies who's gravity affect us.   .   The sun's gravity keeps the earth in orbit, thus giving us a stable climate moderated by the s

Why is the effect of earth in the solar system?

The Earth makes a small ripple in the gravitational field surrounding the Sun. Man generates more energy in some radio and the TV wavelengths than the Sun otherwise the Earth

What effect does the sun have on your solar system?

The suns gravitational pull keeps all the planets revolving around it. Without it, all the planets would go flying off into who knows where (including Earth) and the planets w

What does revolution mean with the solar system?

A revolution in the solar system is the movement of one object around another. For example, all the planets REVOLVE around the sun or the moon REVOLVES around earth. It takes