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What does Twain's use of understatement help serve his purpose in life on the Mississippi?

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Mark Twain's life?

his father, john clemens, was said to be an unsmiling fellow and legends has it that Samuel clemens, mark twaine, never saw him even smile. his mother on the other hand was ge

How do you use the word understatement in a sentence?

To say that the Nazis killed several thousand Jews is a huge understatement. His admission that he had some troubles as a teen was a vast understatement, as he was twice quest

How is understatement used in satire?

  When the understatement is obvious to the reader/audience, it is funny and satirical. Example: The Mike's Hard Lemonade commercial where the construction worker gets a p

What organs serve no useful purpose?

Some individuals in the past believed what is quoted below "The appendix servers absolutely no purpose to humans and haven't done so in thousands of years. In fact, the appe

What is a understatment?

A figure of speech in which a writer or speaker deliberately makes a situation seem less important or serious than it is - the opposite of exaggeration.

Organs that serve no useful purpose?

A vestigial is an organ that serves no useful function in an  organism. There is only one useless organ belonging to the human  body. The Appendix no longer aids in digestio