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What does chicken adobo represent?

It represents the invasion of the Philippines by the Spanish. Filipino's occured the recipe from them and it represents of how filipino we are. This dish dedicates Jose Rizal (MORE)

How do chickens sleep in trees?

This is called roosting and is the way chickens and many breeds of birds protect themselves at night. Off the ground where predators lurk the birds remain quiet and still. T (MORE)

What is the cloud above the tabernacle represents?

It represents how God had led the Israelites out of Egypt. A cloud followed them by day and from evening til morning the cloud looked like fire...allowing the Israelites to tr (MORE)
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Pictures of the prairie chicken?

  Answer   There are 2 versions the Lesser and Greater Prairie Chicken   Wikipedia has articles on both   Lesser: (MORE)

What does the number above an element represent?

A superscript number to the left of an atomic symbol represents the mass number of a particular isotope of the element represented by the symbol. Sometimes this mass number ap (MORE)

How do computers represent pictures?

Computers represent pictures via image files. Image files typically  store the information in a grid like format, with each block on the  grid being a colored square known a (MORE)