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What does a knight wear on his chest for battle?

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What did the ancient Greeks wear in battle?

The Ancient Greeks wore battle helmets that covered their entire neck and head. They also a chest plate and knee braces that covered their heart and legs from potential arrows

What did Hades wear for battle?

a helmet that allows him to blend into the shadows like turning invisible but better and in a chariot of undead horses.

What did knights wear and what type of equipment did he have?

knights wore either chain mail or armour, chain mail is a bunch of metal rings that are all attached. Armour is large plates of metal put on to the knight by rope. The equipme

What did medieval knights wears?

most knights would wear full armour from legs to arm an chest including chain mail tunics some even had a tunic of the kings flag that they would wear . an for the more poor k
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What did knights wear to battle?

Generally they wore whatever armour and other protection they could afford. Wealthy knights usually wore plate armour (when and where it was available) most knights favoured c

What did a knight wear in the Middle Ages?

in battle during the middle ages in the 10th century until the 14th century [roughly] a knight wore a coat of mail, with a mail coif with a helm that covered only above the ey