What does a midwife put on a pregnant womans stomach?

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When can a woman not get pregnant?

A woman who only has sex after the ovulation period of her cycle will not get pregnant. This means abstaining from sex for a week prior to ovulating and the 48 hours of fertility following the start of ovulating. The trouble with using this method of natural family planning is the irregular cycle (MORE)

Could you be pregnant if you have a tender sore stomach and have put on weight?

Answer . \nI'm wondering the same thing, and I'm very confused. My stomach hurts to touch it and then I get a funny feeling in my stomach. I've gained some weight and it's not very normal for me, cuz I usually lose it right away. But exercising or anything tires me out, so I cant get rid of the w (MORE)

What is a midwife?

Answer Someone who looks after the baby and mother 'till they leave hospital. They help to deliver a baby. A midwife can also be a man despite the name! If there were no complications during pregnancy and none are expected in the birth process, a midwife can perform all necessary tasks. This is o (MORE)

How do you get a woman pregnant?

You and your wife (hopefully) get naked and have sex. A woman can also get pregnant by insemination through, not just through having sex.

Will a pregnant woman have a miscarriage if she was hit in the stomach?

There is usually enough protection with the bag of waters and so on to prevent injury to the fetus. However, once is more than enough. Do not stay in the relationship--even if you carry the baby to term, it will not be safe in this environment. As a mother you owe the child safety and there is not a (MORE)

Who is a midwife?

A person who serves as an attendant at childbirth but is not a physician. Some midwives (called certified nurse midwives) are trained in university programs, which usually require previous education in nursing; others (called lay midwives) learn their skills through apprenticeship a midwife is a pe (MORE)

Can a woman get pregnant?

Most can, some are unable to for various reasons. In speaking of humans, only a woman can get pregnant.

Is it ok to put a wheat bag on your stomach when your pregnant?

I have been doing a fair bit of research on this subject and there is no definitive answer. Generally the consensus is that a wheat bag should not be placed on the stomach but can be used to help alleviate other kinds of pain. Most commonly back pain. I have read one blog where a woman was using a (MORE)

Task that midwife does when looking after pregnant women?

Hiya, i think i understand your question, i think your asking what a midwife does? . -well if you are heres the answer: . A midwife looks after women who are pregnent, they give them advice on what to eat, expercisea, what not to do ect. They also stay with the woman while shes giving birth -for s (MORE)

Is a woman who is 9 months pregnant buried with the baby in her stomach?

a similar case exists with Sharon Tate. after the cleanup from the horrific muder- the arrangements were made. Sharon"s child ( which had been ripped out- and was already dead) was embalmed and restored as was Sharon., The child"s body was clothed and was propped up in the folded arms of the martyr (MORE)

Why do woman get pregnant and how?

A woman gets pregnant during intercourse sex when the man sperm hits the woman egg cell. . There are many factors which affect your probability of pregnancy. Among them are your age, medical conditions, health, lifestyle and other factors all affect your likelihood of conceiving each cycle. You h (MORE)

Can you deny to the midwife that you been pregnant before?

It is not against the law. Although why would you? If there is something wrong with your baby and you say you have never been pregnant before then it could hinder the chances if the doctors being able to fix the problem. Is you are embarrassed or ashamed, don't be. This is what midwives and doctors (MORE)

What it mean when a woman stomach hurt?

It means that you can possibly mean you are on your menstrual cycle. It can mean you need to go to the bathroom. Also, it means you couldn't of eaten enough food. Or you can have a stomach ache for eating to much food. Was that helpful?

Can a pregnant woman feel a lump in her stomach at four weeks?

No, generally speaking a woman can not feel anything at four weeks, it is too early. Feeling the fetus in stomach or feeling of baby movement differ from women to women. But there are some other symptoms which let her know about her pregnancy like nausea, vomiting etc. But these conditions also vary (MORE)

How can a woman not get pregnant?

There are all sorts of contraceptive devices on the market. one needn't go into detail preferring prudence to pushing (Pills). Prudence and the Pill was a movie not dealing with cautionary virtue but it was the title of the female character, Needless to say, Churchmen were not amused, or bemused.

How do you no when a woman is pregnant?

Some women "sense" this almost immediately. You can get pregnancy test kits at drug stores, or visit a free clinic or medical professional for an examination. If the woman is pregnant, after a few weeks she may begin to feel nauseous (especially in the mornings) and her monthly periods will stop. (MORE)

How can a transsexual woman get a woman pregnant?

If a transsexual woman was born with a male body and had sexual relations with a female before her sex reassignment surgery (and preferably before hormone usage), then she has the same possibility as anyone else at getting the female pregnant. However, if a transsexual man was born with a female (MORE)

Where is your stomach when you are pregnant?

Your stomach, like all internal organs during pregnancy, does not "move" or relocate in any way! In the case of the stomach, the dorsal (top) aspect of the uterus, the fundus, is growing upwards, and coming closer under the stomach as the baby grows and the uterus enlarges. When enclosing a full-ter (MORE)

Is running stomach normal for a pregnant woman?

Yes. Diarrhea is experienced by some women, especially in the earlystages of pregnancy. This is mostly due to the rapidly changinghormone levels and should not be a concern unless it lasts morethan a few days or you feel concerned, then get checked by yourOB-GYN.

Is it illegal not to have a midwife when you are pregnant?

No, at least I don't think so. If you plan on having your child at the hospital, then most likely you don't need a midwife. The doctor will give you ultrasounds and such, making sure you and your baby is doing well. S/He will deliver your child too (at the hospital). and the midwife is pretty much g (MORE)

Can a woman be a pregnant but her stomach is not increasing?

Every pregnancy is different not all women gain weight immediately... Some gain very little weight others gain obsessive amounts of weight.. It's best to discuss with your Dr on whether or not this is healthy for the growth of your baby.