What does a normal teenage vagina look like?

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Same as an adult womans.
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What does abby normal look like?

same as she dresses in NCIS also she use to be in a all girl band called LO-BALL and her real name is Pauley Perrette

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What does a normal flora look like?

it just look like a normal flower on the ground kinda like a daisy well i dont really know but you can to google and type in "A FLORA" don't type in jut flora it doesnt work

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What is like to be a teenagers?

to be honest i am not really sure.it can be hard, easy and weird.but the best thing to do is have lots of fun!!

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What teenagers like?

In my personal opinion, I think that teenagers aren't too picky and will eat whatever is available. But I think what goes well are "party"/snacking foods. If you don't know wh… (MORE)