What does F 70 code mean on whirlpool duet electric dryer?

FIRST AND FOREMOST, I want to state that the following is completely my opinion to which I have arrived after troubleshooting this problem for the last 4-5 hours. F70 = Over (MORE)

Af code on cabrio dryer?

\nair flow. you need to pull off the rear vent and clean out any lint inside the dryer. A shop vac works nice and then try to blow out with vacuum exhaust. if you remove ba (MORE)

What does te3 error code on LG dryer mean?

TE is for thermal error, your dryer is too hot, clean all filters, also condensate filter at the bottom of the dryer and the blower suction hole at the bottom, don't hesitate (MORE)
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Is indoor dryer venting a code violation?

Where? Building codes vary greatly by location. In most places it'snot a code violation to vent an electric dryer indoors. Youshouldn't vent a gas dryer indoors (even if there (MORE)