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What is the Dreamtime?

Dreamtime is the time of creation according to the indigenous (aboriginal) people of Australia. . The Australian aboriginal dreamtime is the aboriginal creation story - how (MORE)

What does dreamtime mean in Australia?

Dreamtime in Australia is like the old'n days of the Aboriginals, it's about their story about how everything came about (eg. trees, rivers, grass.) The dreamtime is very impo (MORE)

What does Dreamtime mean?

Indigenous Australians, referred to as Aboriginals, refer to the Creation time as 'the Dreaming,' or 'Dreamtime.' The Dreamtime lays down the patterns of life for all Aborigin (MORE)

What happened in the Dreamtime?

    new people were born..       new people were born..       new people were born..       new people were born..       new (MORE)

What do dreamtime stories mean?

A:   For traditional aborigines in Australia, the dreamtime stories  fulfilled the same mythical role as the Book of Genesis does for  Jews and Christians. There are sto (MORE)