What reg covers CPR in the Air Force?

There is not one specific Air Force Regulation that covers CPR. CPR is located in numerous regulations, such as shown in the related links AEROMEDICAL EVACUATION AIRCREW EVALU (MORE)

What are the forces of air?

The 4 forces of air are: 1: thrust pushes the plane forward 2:drag pulls the plane backwards 3:gravity pulls the plane downwards 4:lift pulls the plane upwards
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When a skydiver jumps out of an airplane there are two forces acting on her gravity and air resistance After falling for a few seconds the forces due to gravity and air resistance balance each other?

Your question is slightly confusing as you seem to have answered it yourself. A little extra though, the speed at which the skydiver is now travelling is called terminal vel (MORE)

What protects air force one?

f 12 raptors with laser guided missiles and lots and lots of security guards, also Jay Leno broadcasts his shows via air force one so no one goes near it