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What does girls think about love?

Girls think about them a lot. Girls think of love as a perfect guy loving them and caring about them and is smart and not inappropriate and he's super cute and ocmfortable to

What does girls like about boys?

Me personally, I like guys with a sense of humour, who actually care about me and i dont really care what they look like as long as their a bit cute. But dont try to be funny

What does girls do when they like guys?

flirt:. twist their hair.. laugh at anything you say even if its not that funny.. go hangout with you instead of that shopping spree her and her friends had been planning f

What does girls like from guys?

Politeness, Charm, To be Good Listeners, To be engaging in conversation, Good Huggers, Care about their intellectual and physical appearance, and, to wear clean clothes and be
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What does girls do to get horny?

1. Girls take baths to freshen the vagina. 2. Brush hair to smoothen so to feel pretty and like a good woman. 3. Girls have wedding thoughts to start excited. Girls with more