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What is the definition of a luxury hotel?

Luxury HotelsA luxury hotel is a hotel that is upscale and typically costs more than the average accommodation.The luxury hotel is not only cost more but also provides a lot o

Facilities of luxury hotels in India?

Facilities of Luxury Hotels in India -    Great Hospitality Service, comfortable ambiance and classy  decor.   Wifi   Swimming pool   gym      Ho

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Which are the hotels that are considered luxury hotels?

Worldwide, there are many luxury hotels. Here is a published listof the 10 most luxurious: . Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi . Mardan Palace Hotel, Turkey . The Westin Excelsior

Which hotel is considered the most luxurious?

The most luxurious hotel in the world is debatable. Some say it is the seven star hotel in Milan Italy called the Town House Galleria. There is also a Newer Hotel located in D

What hotel is asia's luxurious hotel?

As per my view there are many luxurious hotels in the whole world. The upper house in china, An Lam Ninh Van Bay Villas in Vietnam, The Samaya Bali in Indonesia, The peninsula

Which Havana hotels are considered luxury hotels?

There are actually a few hotels in Havana, Cuba that can be considered luxury hotels. The most recognized is the Iberostar Parque Central located right in the center of most t

Which Bristol hotels are considered luxury hotels?

Four luxury hotels that can be found in Bristol include the Bath Spa Hotel, Thornbury Castle, The Bristol Hotel and Whatley Manor. These four hotels boast five-star ratings.

How many luxury hotels are in Paris?

There are many luxury hotels in Paris that are 5 star. Five Star Alliance have a list of the top 72 luxury hotels and it's easy to book online in advance.