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What does it mean to dream about white frogs?

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What does it mean to dream of a frog?

A meaningful interpretation is not possible without more information about the dream itself. The symbols in dreams are unique to each dreamer, but in general, a frog might ref

What do dreams about frogs jumping on you mean.?

This dream's interpretation depends on your personal experience andopinions of frogs. If you think frogs are cute and delightful -perhaps having had pet frogs in childhood - t

What is the meaning of dreaming with frogs?

Dreaming with frogs usually means that your live is not going towards the path you desire, and instead of doing something about it, you await for someone to aid you or guide y

What does it mean if you kill a frog in your dream?

It could mean you was angered in the past few days and your mind is releasing the anger in your dream. Another possibility is that the dog in your dream symbolizes a person

What does it mean if you dream about frogs?

That depends on the type of frog you are dreaming of and what activity the frogs are engaged in during the dream. To see a frog in your dream, represents a potential for cha

What do you mean dreaming a frog jumping on you?

i am assuming that you meant to ask "What does it mean when a frog jumps on you?" dreams are incredibly subjective. There is no solid answer. What seems normal to you may be

What does a snake and frog mean in dreams?

Snakes and frogs are both cold-blooded creatures, so the dream might represent something in the dreamer's life that feels cold, inhospitable and unpleasant.

What does it mean when you dream dead frogs?

The dream is very difficult to interpret without additional information regarding the context and emotional tone of the dream. Frogs as such might relate to Biblical images (t

When you dream a frog watching you what does that means?

The frog in this dream might refer to the classic fairy tale of the Frog Prince: an enchanted frog requires the kiss of a princess in order to be returned to his true human f

What does it mean to dream a frog speaking to you?

It probably means you are going to marry a prince (or princess, as the case may be). answer: The frog in this dream might refer to the classic fairy tale of the Frog Prince:

What does it mean if you see frogs in your dream?

The question is difficult to answer because frogs mean very different things in different cultures, and even in different regions of the same country. In very ancient times, f