What does it mean when an album goes platinum?

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In the U.S. it means that a song has sold 1 million copies wow that's alot
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What does it mean when an album has gone multi-platinum?

RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) is a group that protects the rights of songwriters and artists in the recording industry. They give out awards on a per releas

What does it mean when an album goes silver?

There is no official designation in the United States for silver albums. It may be used as slang to refer to albums which have sold 250,000 copies, which is half of gold - 500

What was the first platinum album?

The RIAA established the Platinum Record in 1975. The first album that was award this was "The Eagles: Their Greatest Hits" which sold in excess of 25 million copies. "In-A-Ga

What does it mean when an album goes double platinum?

It means it sold 2,000,000 copies. This is certified by the RIAA. 500,000 units: Gold album. 1,000,000 units: Platinum album. 2,000,000 units: Multi-Platinum album. 1

What does it mean when an album goes platinum in the UK?

it means that the men at the album factory decided that the album would look very nice in a platinum coating, so they dip it into a giant vat of platinum and wait for it to dr

What does platinum and gold mean in terms of albums?

Gold means the artist is awesome. Platinum means they're too awesome and your grandma probably likes them, which means you probably shouldn't beause before you know it they'