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What does it mean when the American experiment has been used to describe the found father creation of the new constitution?

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Why did the Founding Fathers want a new Constitution?

Founding fathers     Basically, the Founding Fathers wanted a new constitution because the government under the Articles of Confederation proved to be unstable and in

What did the Founding Fathers mean by a constitutional government?

Precisely that, a government whose form, structure and powers were defined by a written constitution so that it could not usurp more power than had been granted it by the peop

Why did the American founding fathers write the Constitution?

  Answer     They wrote the Constitution so that they would have rules to govern and control the growing countries.   Answer     The articles of confe

Why did the founding fathers create the new constitution?

The original constitution, the Articles of Confederation, was extremely weak. Its only success was in establishing laws for new territories. It did not provide guidelines to h

Why did the US founding fathers believe that a new federal constitution was necessary?

  This is one reason among many: the founding fathers realized that the Articles of Confeneration had a serious drawback regarding its mechanism of change to itself. In or

What did the Founding Fathers of the Constitution fear?

They feared that the country would remain debt-ridden and weak which would lead other countries to injure our commerce on the seas, form alliances with states of regions to pi

What is separation of powers and how did the founding fathers use this principle in the constitution?

That section of the constitution (articles 1-5) isn't terribly long, so I suggest you don't trust me or anyone else who would tell you the answer to this question because you

Do the founding fathers of the constitution deserve the reverence Americans have traditionally given them why?

The founding fathers could have been arrested for treason anytime up until Britain recognized their country. Many did lose family, lands and business due to their involvement