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What does Taken out of context mean?

To take something out of context is to ignore the overall meaning of an utterance in order to assign undue importance or meaning to a part of it. For example: Joe says "I thin

What does context mean?

The definition of context is the circumstances that form a setting for an event, statement or idea and in terms in which it can be fully understood and assesed. To break it d

In the context of the United Nations what is an observer state?

An observer state is a state that is not a full voting member of the United Nations General Assembly, but it is sometimes a full sovereign state, or part way to being one, has

What does 'opf' mean in Twitter context?

This isn't a specific Twitter abbreviation. It's likely that it stands for various organizations or they screwed up on say of and accidentally put in an p.

What does general context mean?

General context means the overall or general facts or circumstances  of a situation, event, etc. It is just the common facts about  something that happened.

What does in-context promotions mean?

When licensing something to a broadcaster, it will generally include "updates, repeats, re-airs and in context promotions, and in promos released to affiliates, partners, and