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What does upthrust force mean?

The force upthrust is opposite to gravity. It pulls something up instead of down. For instance if you had a toy bird on a spring attached to the ceiling and pull it down it wo (MORE)

Is persistence a skill?

 Generally, no, its an attribute, or ability. You could learn how to be persistent, but actually applying it depends on your nature.You could practice on your attention span (MORE)

What does this mean to err is human to repent divine to persist devilish bargain by Benjamin Franklin?

Benjamin Franklin was using a quote that has been around for many years, possibly dating back to early Roman times. Means: We all make mistakes, need to seek forgiveness and t (MORE)

Synonym for persistent?

"Persistent" is an adjective that means persevering or something continued and repeated. Some synonyms (in addition to "persevering") include continual, enduring, incessant, i (MORE)

What does inciting force means?

Inciting force~ the event or character that triggers the conflict Hope this helps! :)
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What does persistent mean?

per·sist·ent/p�r�sist�nt/Adjective1. Continuing firmly or  obstinately in a course of action in spite of difficulty or  opposition.    2. Characteri (MORE)

What is a sentence for persistence?

Playing a long game against many other players requires persistence. The persistence of toxic chemicals increases the ecological damage they can do. The hunter showed grea (MORE)
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What does pulling force mean?

There are absolutely no such things as "pulling" forces. Force = mass x Acceleration --- F = mA That physically means that "the mass" is Accelerating (moving). That phys (MORE)
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Is persistent a noun?

No, the word 'persistent' is an adjective, a word used to  describe a noun as stubbornly determined; as continuing to exist or  endure over a prolonged period (a persistent (MORE)