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What is persistant?

I think you mean persistent, which is an adjective used to describe continuing towards a goal despite hardships.
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What is meaning of word persistence in java?

Persistence is the term used to refer to the situation where the objects data is stored even after the object is destroyed or the application is closed. Persistence is impl (MORE)

What does persistence mean?

The word persistence means the quality of being determined to do or achieve something. It's tenacity. It means firmness of purpose. It is a continuing, repeating or lasting of (MORE)

What does the painting 'The Persistence of Memory' mean?

The meaning of this painting is that our minds can sometimes be so timeless to us that we try to create the blurry figures of our memory with our imagination. So this whold po (MORE)

What does the 'Persistence of Memory' mean?

I have a book on surrealism that specific talke about this painting. In short the painting is about Dali's subconcious fear of death, which I will further explain with a small (MORE)

What does persistent mean?

per·sist·ent/p�r�sist�nt/Adjective1. Continuing firmly or  obstinately in a course of action in spite of difficulty or  opposition.    2. Characteri (MORE)

What does Persistance mean?

The term "persistence" (often mis-spelled as "persistence")  fundamentally means "maintaining an effort or commitment through  adversities." A more colloquial definition wou (MORE)

What does persistent and resilient mean?

Persistent means to stay at it or something that continues. Examples: "I couldn't sleep because of my son's persistent cough." "Even with all the new locks on the d (MORE)