What does whip mean?

A tool, or the use of a tool, to control animals (e.g. horses) orto inflict pain or fear on other persons. British Parliament usesthe word also for the persons responsible for (MORE)
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What does it mean when there is bump on a girl's pussy?

ok don't hold me to this but sometimes if there isn't enofe pre cum the girl cant get raw when im with my girl i allways have some lub when you first start it feels fine but s (MORE)
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What does the artillery term wolf pussy mean?

The smell that the cordite propellant (gunpowder)gives off when the guns are fired. If you never had the pleasure of firing a howitzer, it is sort of a combination of ammonia (MORE)
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What does it mean when a man saids that pussy is mine?

It means he claims a girl or woman as his own and doesn't want any other man to enjoy it. This could be a way to say show that he cares about you sleeping with someone else or (MORE)

What does it mean if there are pussy willows in your dream?

When you are asleep, your brain is hard at work sorting and organizing your experiences and feelings of the day. This results in some odd dreams that may or may not have meani (MORE)