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What does whip mean?

A tool, or the use of a tool, to control animals (e.g. horses) orto inflict pain or fear on other persons. British Parliament usesthe word also for the persons responsible for (MORE)

What does whip in baseball mean?

i was looking for the same thing a while ago. if i can remember correctly it stands for - Wins, Hits, innings pitched WHIP stands for Walks plus Hits per Inning Pitched.
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What does WHIP mean softball stat?

It's the walks and hits per inning pitched. In other words it's the average number of walk and hits a pitcher gives up per inning pitched.
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What does whip you into shape mean?

The phrase "whip you into shape" refers to using discipline of some kind (which may not actually involve whips) to get you to do what you are supposed to do, or to develop som (MORE)