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What does Porsche SC mean?

    Answer     i think it's Sports Coupe     I've always read it stands for "Super Carrera", carried over from the 356's. Not all SC's were coupes,

What does sc mean?

SC means scholastic...... If its on a book, it means scholastic because its a scholastic book!!!!!! I know this is right because my mom is the librarian in Washington DC at on

What does sc in sc mean in a crochet pattern?

It means "single crochet". The stitch is the shortest of the crochet stitches and makes a very compact garment. Other notations can be double crochet, half double crochet, and

What does the medical abbreviation SC mean?

Subcutaneous SC = subcutaneous Subcutaneous (under the skin) When written as 's.c.', it refers to the abbreviation for subcutaneous, meaning beneath the skin. When written as

What does sc in last sc mean?

The letters sc are found in crochet instructions and are the abbreviation for "single crochet". The instructions are telling you to make a single crochet stitch in the last st