What does tarted up mean?

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Tart up means to improve the appearance of something, but can imply negative connotations ie; Make something look better than it really is.The phrase derives from the slang word "tart" for prostitute, and the tendency of prostitutes to go to extremes in trying to improve their appearance in order to make themselves more marketable. As a result, the phrase can imply that the improvement is superficial, crass, unsubtle, and designed to hide what should be obvious faults.

What does tarte mean in French?

'une tarte' is a tart in French. A pie (with some covering) is 'une tourte'. And something 'tarte', like 'ce film est tarte' means neither interesting or intelligent.

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Who stole the tarts?

The Knave of Hearts,He stole the tarts,And took them clean away.

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What is a tart tin?

A tart tin is a metal baking pan with ridges all along the edge. It is round just like a cake pan. It also is about 2 inches in length.  thanks  Bianca

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