What does the Astrid symbol mean?

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What do HIM symbols mean?

If you're thinking about the "Heartagram". It basically means LoveMetal, the genre of music the band 'Him' plays.. Love for Metal is another interpretation of it...

What does this symbol mean -?

It is a hyphen used for the separation of words. It is a singleshort line set half-way between the bottom and top of typed orwritten letters. It can be used in compound words.

What does symbolism mean?

Symbolism is a literary technique. A symbol is something that represents something else. For example, in "To Kill a Mockingbird", a mockingbird symbolizes someone who does goo

What does the name Astrid mean?

Star or stellar attrributes- like Stella or Estelle or variants. She was the tragically short-lived Queen of Belgium, dying in l935 in an auto accident in Switzerland. It al

What do you mean by symbol?

A symbol is a pictoral representation of an idea. A symbol issimilar to the written language in that it is representational ofthoughts.

What does astrid name means?

Diminutive of Astra- star ( or stella, estel, estelle) Little Star. Also a Queen of Belgium who died in a very suspicious auto accident in l935, she was 30 at the time and the

Who was astrid?

She was the most beautiful girl ever known to have lived. She had an equally cool freind called kt. she was married to a bloke called Dave the laugh! kt was married to a bloe

What does symbolically mean?

It means something that is done as a means of acknowledging someone or something. Such as placing a wreath at the grave of a loved family member is a symbolic way to remember

What does astride mean?

"Astride" means your location while riding somethings, especially something that your legs go down each side of. Example, "I saw Jenny astride her new pony!"

What is the meaning of symbolic?

Something that represents something else, or the use of symbols in poetry. Examples- White doves represent peace, Red rose represents love.
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What does the Hindu symbol symbol mean?

The Hindu symbol is sacred and is written in the language of Sanskrit (an ancient language) Translated it means Aum, which is a very sacred hindu word. Aum is the sound of the
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What does the symbol '' mean?

Speech marks, many writers use this: ' Although technically those are speech marks.