What does the seafloor around the bay of fundy look like?

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What is the height of the tide in the Bay of Fundy?

The height of the tide difference ranges from 3.5 meters (11ft) along the southwest shore of Nova Scotia and steadily increases as the flood waters travel up the 280 km (174 miles) of shoreline to the head of the Bay where, in the Minas Basin, the height of the tide can reach an incredible 16 meters (MORE)

How deep is the bay of fundy?

Located on the northeast coast of North America, the Bay of Fundyis 400 to 700 feet deep. The bay is 180 miles long and measures 62miles wide at the mouth.

What does a bay look like?

If you're talking about a bay horse, it is a horse that is any shade of brown, with a black mane and tail, black muzzle and black legs.

What is the highest tide in the Bay of Fundy?

"The height of the tide is 3.5 meters (11ft) along the southwest shore of Nova Scotia and steadily increases as the floodwaters travel up the 280 km (174 miles) of shoreline to the head of the Bay where in the Minas Basin the height of the tide can reach 16 meters (53ft)." - See source in related li (MORE)

What does the land around Krakatoa look like?

The nearby islands of Java and Sumatra are heavily forested with occasional towns. The small islands that remain of the original Krakatoa are also forested. Some trees grow around the new volcanic island of Anak Krakatau has some trees around the edges but is mostly covered in ash and volcanic rock. (MORE)

What did the earth look like when dinosaurs were around?

Dinosaurs were around for a long period of time so the Earth's ecosystems changed many times. That is why there are three periods during the Era of Dinosaurs: the Triassic, Jurassic, and the Cretaceous. All three periods looked different from each other.

Are puffins found in the bay of fundy?

Yes Puffins are found in the bay of fundy. There is actually a site that you can take a boat to and watch them for hours if you really wanted too. The other day i actually watched a video and there are many species of birds found there including Razorbills. Submitted by Matthew Murphy.

Does herpes around your mouth look like acne?

No, herpes around your mouth looks like small water filled blisters. Herpes outbreaks are not isolated to the lips --- they can occur around the mouth, in the nose or on the nose. A pimple will not be blistered and will go away in a few days. Herpes takes about two weeks to clear up (it crusts up (MORE)

What does a bay leaf look like?

Bay leaf (plural bay leaves) refers to the aromatic leaf of the bay laurel. Fresh or dried bay leaves are used in cooking for their distinctive flavor and fragrance.Bay leaves can also be scattered in a pantry to repel meal moths, flies and roaches. Hopes this answer helps you out : )

What does a Bay horse look like?

A brown color that ranges from a redish brown (blood bay) to an almost black (dark bay) with black points (mane, tail, nose, sometimes the tips of ears, and the lower legs)

Why bay of fundy is important?

The Bay of Fundy has the highest tides in the world. It is an important fishery and produces a lot of fish. Some day it might produce a lot of electrical power.

Is the Bay of Fundy part of the Indian ocean?

No, the Bay of Fundy is a bay on the Atlantic coast of North America, on the northeast end of the Gulf of Maine between the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. So it is a part of the Atlantic Ocean.

What can you do in the bay of Fundy?

The Bay of Fundy region is ideal for the outdoor adventurer and nature enthusiast. It is home to the highest tides in the world, the only place in the world to go tidal bore rafting and also an ideal place to go whale watching. Other popular activities include sea kayaking, bird watching, hiking, go (MORE)

Why does the Bay of Fundy cause large tides?

The Bay of Fundy extends north, then northeast from the Gulf of Maine, between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The bay narrows to the northeast, into the Minas Basin. At Burntcoat Head, the tidal range is as high as 17 meters (55.8 feet) and even higher in some conditions. The reason for the extreme (MORE)

What islands are in the Bay of Fundy?

There are many islands in the Bay of Fundy. Some of the notable ones are Grand Manan Island, Campobello Island, Deer Island, Brier Island and the Five Islands. See the related link for more detail.

What did the Bay of Pigs invasion make Kennedy look like?

A small inlet of the Caribbean Sea on the southern coast of western Cuba. It was the site of an ill-fated invasion on April 17, 1961, when a force of 1,500 U.S.-trained guerrilla troops landed in an attempt to overthrow the government of Fidel Castro. Bay of Pigs Invasion, 1961, an unsuccessfu (MORE)

Why does the Bay of Fundy have such dramatic tides?

The Bay of Fundy, in Eastern Canada, has the highest tidal range in the world, equalled only by Leaf Basin for Ungava Bay, north of Quebec. This means that the distance between high and low tide is 17 meters (55 feet). Why? Tides rise and fall from the gravitational pull of the moon and the sun. (MORE)

What is the Bay of Fundy known for?

When the tide goes out, fisherman living near the Bay of Fundy get in their trucks and drive out to their nets. They unload their catch into the back of their trucks. Then they drive back home with a truckload of fish.

What does the land around the Baltimore Orioles stadium look like?

Well, you have the parking lot and bridge to the south. At the end end of the parking lot you have M&T Bank Stadium, home of the Baltimore Ravens. To the North you have a hotel and a few pubs and the arena. To the east you have the Light Rail, convection center, and Inner Harbor. Also, there is a sp (MORE)

What does it look like for the earth to turn around an axis?

Well, in a rotation, the earth just spins and that is what accounts for day and night. When it is day, we are in view of the sun and its rays but, at night we are opposite the position of the sun but in direct view of the moon which is visible only because of the suns rays and the moons reflection o (MORE)

What does the landscape of Hudson Bay Lowlands look like?

the hudson bay lowlands region the hudson bay lowlands landscape looks like crap. there is nothing there. the only things running around are the little polar bears. global warming will melt the ice up there and cause huge floods, so we better live down here..hehe lol .

What did the people look like when dinosaurs when around?

Cavemen were first alive long after the last dinosaur died from the asteroid crash, the ash blocking the sun, and lack of food. Because dinosaurs died, mammals could live more freely. Large dinosaurs needed a lot of food, and they died because there wasn't enough. Heat also caused them to die. Mamma (MORE)

What does the Bay of Fundy lead to?

The Bay of Fundy is situated in between the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. On the South West, it opens into the Atlantic Ocean next to the US state of Maine.

Are tides in the Bay of Fundy renewable resource?

Yes, so long as there is a moon and a sun to effect these tides they are a renewable resource. The tides at this bay in New Brunswick, Canada, are the highest in the world. They rise approximately 60 ft (18 meters) twice each day.

What did the land look like around the stegosaurus?

Stegosaurus fossils come from the Morrison Formation in the western USA and date to between 155 and 150 million years ago. Some have recently been found in Portugal from the same time period. At that time, the area was a semi-arid subtropical plain with distinct wet and dry seasons. Near rivers, the (MORE)

What made the Bay of Fundy famous?

The Bay of Fundy is well known for having the highest tidal range in the world. It was also named as one of the finalists in the new Seven Wonders in Nature contest. It did not win in the end.

What do the Tampa Bay Inferno uniforms look like?

Black pants with a red stripe down the side, then either a black shirt with red numbers outlined in white and red trim or a white shirt with black numbers outlined in red and black trim. You can see pictures at tbinferno.com