What does the secret sevrice have to do with the US mint?

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Discuss why overhead costing methods using plant-wide overhead rate or departmental overhead rates are no longer adequate for costing products and sevrices in other companies?

ABC Costing . With advancing technology and intense competitions, companies will strive to provide wider varieties of goods and services. Companies will thus produce both s

What are the different us mint symbols?

They're actually called mint marks rather than "symbols". There have been 8 different mint marks over the years. Four mints are currently in operation: P = Philadelphia

What kind of mint do you use in a mint julep?

Most recipes recommend using fresh spearmint for a mint julep,however it really depends on the drinker's taste for mint. Astronger mint flavor would require peppermint or choc

Where is the US Mint in Philadelphia?

The United States Mint in Philadelphia is located in Independence National Historical Park, a few blocks away from Independence Hall (where the Declaration of Independence was

What is mint used for?

Food, scents, medications, tobacco additive, flavoring, coloring.

Which mint marks are for which US mint facility?

The current US mint marks are: P for Philadelphia D for Denver S for San Francisco (for proof coins only) W for West Point (for commemoratives and gold only) Until

What Are The Uses Of Mint?

How many ways can I use the oil of mint? . Mint Jelly, Mint tea, Mint Julep, Mint icecream, Minticecubes . Mint-flavored chocolate candy . Peppermint has long been a remed

Difference between US mint and national mint?

Most countries have what is referred to as its national mint. For example, the United States Mint is the national mint of the US, the Royal Canadian Mint is the national mint

What is the use of mint?

You can use mint for making a mint tea, as a flavoring for mint jellies, homemade candy etc. There are hundreds of types of mint plants. Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/