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Where is the mint mark on a US coin?

Mint Marks On Coins The mint mark for US coins minted since 1968 is on the heads side of the coin usually at the base of the neck or under the date. Previous years had the mint mark on the reverse, or tails, side of the coin in some convenient clear area of the design. Often these mint marks ( Full Answer )

Discuss why overhead costing methods using plant-wide overhead rate or departmental overhead rates are no longer adequate for costing products and sevrices in other companies?

ABC Costing . With advancing technology and intense competitions, companies will strive to provide wider varieties of goods and services. Companies will thus produce both simple and complex products. Complex products tend to consume more non-unit level activities. Examples of non-unit level activ ( Full Answer )

What is the rarest penny minted in the US?

Answer . The so-called "strawberry leaf" variety large cent struck in 1793 has sold for around $300,000. . A cent with the same date and a chain-link design on the back sold for a similar amount. . Some others that are also rare, though not as valuable: (maximum prices shown for the highest a ( Full Answer )

What country is famous for using mint?

Greece. Mints are such widely used herbs it would be hard to find any cuisine that doesn't use them. They are used in many lamb dishes in Greece, but they are used in Italian foods as well. Indian cooking also uses mint in many of their dishes. It is used in candy as well as flavoring in toothpaste ( Full Answer )

Where is the mint mark on a us quarter?

Washington quarters dated from 1932 to 1964 is on the back side above the "R" in the word Quarter. . No mint mark = Philadelphia S = San Francisco D = Denver . 1965-1967 coins have no mint marks regardless of where they were struck. . 1968-1979 coins have a D to the right of Washington's w ( Full Answer )

Where is the mint mark on a US dime?

Answer . For dimes minted in 1964 and earlier, the mint mark is usually on the reverse, or "tails" side, of the coin. Many times the mint mark gets lost in the rest of the design. A poor strike or a well-circulated, well-worn coin may obliterate the mint mark, or make it otherwise unrecognizable. ( Full Answer )

How can you tell where a US coin was minted?

For US minted coins, look for a tiny capital letter somewhere inthe design. For coins minted since 1968, the mint mark is on thefront of the coin. For coins dated 1964 and before, the mint markis usually but not always on the back. D = Denver mint, S = San Francisco mint, P or no letter = Philadel ( Full Answer )

What if a US coin has no mint mark?

Up till 1979/80, all coins made in Philadelphia, except for WW2-era nickels, did not carry mint marks. Also, regardless of date, all cents made in Philadelphia or West Point do not carry mint marks. So if your coin is older than 1980 it is from Philadelphia. If it's a cent, it's from one of those ( Full Answer )

Where is US silver minted?

Currently, silver coins are sold only to collectors and investors. Silver coins have not been made for circulation since the 1960s. The mint at San Francisco makes proof versions of normal copper-nickel circulation coins, and the mint at West Point makes bullion pieces. Circulation coins are made ( Full Answer )

What kind of mint do you use in a mint julep?

Most recipes recommend using fresh spearmint for a mint julep,however it really depends on the drinker's taste for mint. Astronger mint flavor would require peppermint or chocolate mint.Milder flavors would go more with apple mint or one of the otherslike pineapple mint. However I would NOT recommen ( Full Answer )

What coin does the US mint come on?

Question is not clear. The U.S. mint makes the coins used in the U.S. A mint is a place where currency is manufactured.

What can you use as a substitute for dried mint?

A very common substitute for dried mint in savory dishes is dried basil. I would recommend, however, that one forage or purchase fresh mint [it is very common] and just lay it out in the sun. It makes great tea and lasts for at least six months once dry.

Where are the two us mints?

The US actually have four mints. They are located in Philadelphia,PA, Denver, CO, San Francisco, CA, and West Point, NY. The USbullion depository is located in Fort Knox, KY.

What are the three branches of the us mint?

There are currently 4 mints, not 3: Philadelphia (P) and Denver (D) - circulation coins San Francisco (S) - proof coins West Point (W) - bullion and commemorative coins There have been 4 other mints in the past: Charlotte, North Carolina (C) - gold coins only, 1838-1861 Dahlonega, Geo ( Full Answer )

Which mint marks are for which US mint facility?

The current US mint marks are: P for Philadelphia D for Denver S for San Francisco (for proof coins only) W for West Point (for commemoratives and gold only) Until recently most coins from Philadelphia did not have a mintmark so you may find many older coins lacking mint marks. Dates for ( Full Answer )

What are the names of all of the US mints?

The four current mints are - S, San Fransisco Mint - D, Denver Mint - P, Philadelphia Mint - W, West Point(which only mints silver and gold) Discontinued mints are - C, Charlotte (closed 1861) - D, Dahlonega Georgia (closed 1861) - CC, Carson City (closed 1893) - O, New Orleans (c ( Full Answer )

Who minted the first US penny?

We don't know the name of the person who ran the press that struck the first cents. We do know that the coins were made in Philadelphia in 1793, and carried a picture of Miss Liberty on the front an a chain-link design on the back.

Where are US quarters minted?

Circulation quarters are minted at 2 mints: . > Philadelphia (P mint mark to the right of the bow in Washington's wig on coins dated 1980 or later, no mint mark before that). > Denver (D mint mark next to the bow from 1968 to the present, below the wreath on the back up to 1964. Proof quarters are ( Full Answer )

Where are the two us mints located?

Circulating U.S. coins are minted in Philadelphia, PA, and Denver, CO. There is also a mint in San Francisco, CA, but they only mint proof coins for collectors. Circulating U.S. coins are minted in Philadelphia, PA and Denver, CO. Then there is still a mint in San Francisco, CA, but they only mint p ( Full Answer )

What Are The Uses Of Mint?

How many ways can I use the oil of mint? . Mint Jelly, Mint tea, Mint Julep, Mint icecream, Minticecubes . Mint-flavored chocolate candy . Peppermint has long been a remedy for digestive problems . Treatment for headache, colic, gingivitis, rheumatism . Aromatic oil to calm the spirit and open ( Full Answer )

What is in a 1964 US Mint Set?

2 Half Dollars 2 Quarters 2 Dimes 2 Nickels 2 Penny's. All coins are uncirculated specimens from both mints.

Where is us paper money minted?

US paper money isn't "minted" anywhere. Only coins are minted, bills are printed . Paper money is printed by the Treasury Department's Bureau of Engraving and Printing. The BEP's main facility is in Washington DC, and there's a second printing plant in Fort Worth. Fort Worth bills have the smal ( Full Answer )

Did the US Mint put mint marks on every coin?

No. In fact, there are no mint marks on coins made in Philadelphiaprior to 1979, except for the famous "war nickels" issued from 1942to 1945. The first US mint marks were used in 1838 when branchmints were opened in New Orleans, Dahlonega, and Charlotte. During the changeover from silver to clad co ( Full Answer )

Can you use mint extract in sex?

this should be totally fine, as long as it as NO ADDED SURGARS. make sure its all natural ingredients ight kids? :)

How can you work at the us mint?

The US Mint was created by Congress and makes circulating coins. Toapply for a job with the US Mint a person can apply at theUSAjobs.gov website.

What are the uses of mint leaves?

While i was in peru one day i wasnt feeling that well it could have been a slight touch of altitude sickness,,i got a couple of cup,s of a type of mint tea &it worked wonder,s .i was already taking coca mate to stave off that sickness, which worked,,but what ever that andean mint was it worked wonde ( Full Answer )

Can you tell the use of mint?

mint can be used for cooking and is also used in medical purpose(it helps in digestion)

Where are all the US mints located at?

There is one in Washington D.C., one in Denver, Colorado , one in Philadelphia Pennsylvania , one in New Orleans, Louisiana , one in San Fransisco, California , one in Charlotte, North Carolina , one in Carson City, Nevada , one in Dahlonega, Georgia , one in West Point, New York , and o ( Full Answer )

What states are the US Mints in?

The Philadelphia Mint is in Pennsylvania, the Denver Mint is in Colorado, the San Francisco Mint is in California, and the West Point Mint is in New York.

How do you use fresh chocolate mint?

This particular herb is a favourite in my household and it is used in many different ways. I like it fresh as a garnish on desserts. It goes well in and with homemade chocolate ice-cream. A mojito it great with chocolate mint. My sister adds it to s'mores at the campfire. I even add it to hot chocol ( Full Answer )

What is the use of mint?

You can use mint for making a mint tea, as a flavoring for mint jellies, homemade candy etc. There are hundreds of types of mint plants. Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/What_is_the_use_of_mint_in_Hindi#ixzz1a1VZtd1B .

When did the US mint silver coins?

90% silver quarters, half dollars and dimes were produced until 1964. From 1965-1970 half dollars have been 40% silver while dimes/quarters contained no silver. From 1971-present no silver coins have been minted for circulation. Today the US mints various collector coins in silver, but none for gene ( Full Answer )

Why were no us dimes minted in 1922?

Simple answer: No dimes, nickels, quarters or half dollars were needed in 1922. The economy was slow so the government did not make any.

What US coins were minted in 1929?

There were eight coins ... 1 cent 5 cents 10 cents 25 cents 1/2 dollar 2.1/2 dollars (gold) 5 dollars (gold) 20 dollars (gold)

Did the US mint coins in 1768?

No not in 1768. The first coins issued by the authority of the United States were the 1787 "Fugio" coppers.

Who is the US Mint agency under?

The Mint was made an independent agency in 1799. Under the Coinage Act of 1873, the Mint became part of the Department of the Treasury. It was placed under the auspices of the Treasurer of the United States in 1981.

What are the 6 locations of US Mints?

There are only 4 active mints today, in Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco, and West Point. In the past, there were also mints in Carson City and New Orleans.

Where were US gold coins minted?

In the past US gold coins have been minted at the Charlotte, Dahlonega, Denver, New Orleans, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and West Point mints.

What are the us mint codes on coins?

No such thing as a "mint code". But the Mintmark's currently used on regular issue coins are P= Philadelphia & D= Denver.

What coins does the US mint make?

The US has four mints that make coins. The US mints make coins in the denominations of 1 cent, 5 cents, 10 cents, 25 cents, 50 cents, and 1 dollar for general US circulation. Half dollars and dollar coins are not often used but they are legal tender and can be used in circulation. The US mint also m ( Full Answer )

What are US mints?

A mint is a factory where coins are made. The US has four currently-operating mints: P: Philadelphia (no mint mark on most coins before 1980) D: Denver (since 1906) S: San Fransisco (circulating coins till 1955, some 1968-74; proof coins since 1968) W: West Point (commemorative and bullion ( Full Answer )

Where were 1970 US coins minted?

Coins dated 1970 were minted at three mints. Coins bearing nomintmark were minted in Philadelphia. Those with an "S" Mintmarkwere made in San Fransisco. Those with a "D" mintmark were made inDenver.

Where are US cents minted?

Currently (2015) circulating US cents are produced by thePhiladelphia and Denver mints, while collectors' versions are madein San Francisco. The mint mark position is under the date: > No mint mark = Philadelphia > D = Denver > S = San Francisco San Francisco also struck cents for circulation from ( Full Answer )

What are some alternative uses for mints?

There are many alternative uses for mints. Mint leaves can be crushed and made into a toothpaste. Also, mint can be used in face washes to help purify the skin.