What does the tail of the dragonfly do?

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The tail of a dragonfly (called the abdomen) contains many of a dragonflies organs, including its reproductive organs and much of its digestive system. It also acts as a cooling system. The insect pumps blood through the abdomen. The long, narrow shape ensure that the blood stays close to the surface, allsoing they air to carry away excess heat.
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Does dragonflies have a nose?

Dragonflies do not have a nose on their bodies. Although they have  a strong sense of smell, they breathe through their sides or tails.

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Do dragonflies have brains?

Yes. Any type of living breathing creature that moves has a brain. Otherwise the dragonfly would not be able to move. Since it is the brain that tells everything what to do.

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What does a dragonfly get eaten by?

they are eaten by birds frogs spiders and bigger dragonflys (http://www.flickr.com/photos/pixel_illusion/5179380956/)

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