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What dose a joiner do in colonial America?

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What is a photo joiner?

Many photographs, of the same subject, ranging from just two to 50 or more, mostly around 20 or so, all joined together similar from similar or different perspectives of the s

Did Italy establish colonies in Americas?

No. At the time when america was colonized parts of italy were ruled by other countries or city states, and they didn't had colonies in america.But there were explorers from I

What did women knit in colonial America?

woman knit socks/ stockings ( taller then socks) / mittens / and waistcoats it was done on small needles with fine threads and very poor instructions if they could find instr

What is a tanner in colonial America?

A Tanner in Colonial America and today is the man who takes the hides of animals, especially cows and deers, and tans them. That is the method of cleaning and scraping the hid

What was the role of women in colonial America?

During the 18th century, the women's role and work was extremely difficult and exhausting. For poor families in colonial times, women's full time job was housecare. Poor women

What was the first English colony in America?

The first English colony was established on Roanoke Island, in what is now North Carolina, in 1585. A second colony, the famous Lost Colony, was established two years later, b