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What dose a milliner do in colonial America?

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What are milliners?

    Milliners are hat makers. To add to that they also make clothing.

What was a colonial milliner?

A milliner was a maker of hats. A milliner made many clothing items. Also, was a business women who sold clothing. they also made clothing of others.

What did a milliner do in colonial times?

a milliner made shirtsshiftsapronsneckerchiefscapscloakshoodshatsmuffsrufflestrim for gowns in colonial times. milliners also repaired them too. They also sold imported good

How does a colonial milliner do her job?

A colonial milliner is, essentially, a hat man or woman. Depending on what the employer wishes, whether the product ordered is a hat or wig, the milliner follows several diffe