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What dose a milliner do in colonial America?

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What does a milliner make?

A milliner makes and sells ladies hats

What does a milliner do?

A milliner is a person who makes women's hats.

Where did milliners work?

It sounds simple. Millners worked in a mill where yarn is woven by huge pre-programmed looms making fabric. There were mills all over the south before companies started moving

How do you become an milliner?

Since a Milliner is a person who makes hats start by reading books about making hats. Milliners have been around for at least 300 years and there should be text dating back to

What eduation does a milliner have?

  Must be extremely low. You must be a milliner because you can't even spell "education."

What dose colonial legacy mean?

what impacts colonialism (the act of colonising) has had which have lasted to this day

Was a milliner important in the colonial times?

Yes, milliners in the colonial times were basically where you would get your clothing in the colonial times.

Where did the Presbyterians settle in colonial America?

In colonial America, Presbyterians settled from Maine to Georgia. The Puritans of Massachusetts and Connecticut were originally Presbyterians. They split into Congregationalis

What was the name of the first colony in America?

The first person to actually see America was a Norse sailor named Bjarni Herjulfsson, and the first European to set foot on the 'New World' soil was Leif Eiriksson, who sailed