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What effect did the war have on the lives of recent immigrants from Germany and Austria Hungary?

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What did Austria Hungary turn into after the war?

Austria-Hungary became the modern day countries of Austria, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, the Ukraine, Slovenia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Italy, Slovaki

What geographical advantage did Germany and austria-Hungary face in fighting the war?

Actually, the two countries you mentioned had a geographical disadvantage. They were wedged between their enemies France, Russia and Italy as well as the North Sea and the Med

Why did Russia invade Germany and Austria- Hungary during World War 1?

Russia saw it self as protecttor of the Orthodox Christianity and the slavic peopleit sufferd an embarissing defeat by Japan in 1905 and wanted to fix its reputation that's wh

What were the effects of World War 1 on Germany Great Britain France Austria-Hungary Russia the United States and the Ottoman Empire?

Five great empires entered World War One, and only one emerged. Germany, Austro-Hungary, Russia and the Ottomans all lost their empires as a result of the war. Germany was s

Was Austria-Hungary a part of Germany?

Austria-Hungary was not a part of Germany; it was a monarchy ruled by Franz Josef the first, that split into pieces after the First World War. During the same period, Germany

Why were Germany and Austria-Hungary allies?

The central European countries were natural allies because of their common past as generally Germanic peoples, notably under the Holy Roman Empire (962 to 1806 AD) In 1882, th

Did Austria-Hungary leave the war?

The Austrian Kaiser Karl tried to start up separate peace negotiations with the Allies, but the Allies were only interested in the surrender of all the Axis parties, including