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What effected the reformation on the power of the Catholic Church?

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What was the effect of the Reformation on the Catholic Church?

From a Catholic perspective, the Reformation acted as a "housecleaning" of sorts. The corruption of the Church, as seen in the selling of indulgences, was largely stamped out,

What was the major effect of the Reformation and the counter-reformation on the Catholic Church?

Catholic Answer The main effect of the "reformation" or protestant revolt was theloss of thousands of souls who, because of their princes, weredenied the sacraments that Jesus

Who wanted to reform the Catholic church?

Catholic AnswerAny number of people over the centuries have sought to reform the Church, and the Church, itself, is in constant need of reform due to the sin of all its member

How did the Reformation change the Catholic church?

Catholic Answer  The Reformation shook the Bishops and the Vatican out of any  lethargy that had come over them and forced them to look into real  abuses that were happenin

Who was the pope that reformed the Catholic Church?

I believe it was Pope Blessed John XXIII.   Catholic Answer  There have been many, many popes who have reformed the Church to  one extent or another. There have been som

A leader in reforming the Catholic Church?

Catholic Answer The Catholic Church was established by Our Blessed Lord nearly two thousand years ago, there have been many leaders in reforming the Church in two thousand yea

What was the response of the Church in the Catholic Reformation?

Catholic Answer  The Catholic Reformation was the Church's response to the  protestant revolt, the responses were many and varied reforms  primarily centered around the app

What is the reformed Catholic church all about?

The Catholic Church is perpetually in a state of reform & renewal. Or, possibly the term: reformed catholic church is an indirect reference to the Protestant Reformation since

How did the Reformation help the Catholic Church?

Though the Protestant Reformation was primarily detrimental to the Catholic Church, it did help open the eyes of the clergy to see that reforms were needed and this led to the

What was Catholic Church response to the Reformation?

Catholic Answer Actually, the Catholic Reform was already going onat the time that Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses and started tomove away from the Church beginning the C

How did the Catholic Church regain power during the Reformation?

The Catholic Church began a Counter-Reformation, spearheaded by the members of the Society of Jesus, called Jesuits. Beginning with the Council of Trent, the Counter-Reformati

How did the Catholic reformation effect the Catholic Church?

Catholic Answer The Catholic reform, which was NOT a reaction to the protestantrevolt but actually started before it, Martin Luther was part ofthe Catholic reform before he lo

Why was reform needed in the Catholic Church?

The Catholic Church, as such, is not reformable as it is the Body of Christ (Acts 9:1,4; Colassians 1:18; Ephesians 1:22-23; 1 Corinthians 12:13; etc. However, individuals in

Why did the Reformation of the Catholic Church begin?

Catholic Answer . This is a huge subject, I shall try to highlight some things thatyou can look for, but WikiAnswers is hardly the suitable place tofully answer such a questio

Who were the English reformers of Catholic Church?

To get an answer to your question, you would have to specify what period of the Church you were looking at. There have been people reforming the Church in England for many cen