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What effected the reformation on the power of the Catholic Church?

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How did the Catholic Church split and reformed?

The Catholic Church split and reformed due to interpretation of doctrine. There were two capitals for the Catholic Church: Rome and Constantinople. This split--or the schism--

What was the movement to reform the Catholic Church called?

Oddly enough, The Reformation.   Roman Catholic AnswerThe movement to reform the Catholic Church is called The Counter-Reformation by protestant and secular scholars, alt

What practices of the Catholic Church led to the Reformation?

A: The Protestant Reformation was probably inevitable, with or without Martin Luther. His concern was the sale of indulgences, a practice which he at first tried to reform but

Why did the revolutionaries want to reform the Catholic Church?

People everywhere, revolutionaries or not, who do not agree with the proclamations of the Church which the Word of God, Jesus Christ, founded find fault and then attempt to ch

What group wanted to reform the Catholic Church?

The priest Martin Luther was perhaps the key player on the reformation of the Catholic Church. Eventually, he was forced to leave the Catholic Church and the group he formed c

What was the effect of the Reformation on the Catholic Church?

From a Catholic perspective, the Reformation acted as a "housecleaning" of sorts. The corruption of the Church, as seen in the selling of indulgences, was largely stamped out,

To what extent is the Catholic Church in need of reform?

Many would say that the Catholic church is in need of a drastic reform . The Church would say, the Church is fine, the People need reform, a new conversion to Christ, and a d

What did the Catholic church do to combat the Reformation?

The Reformation is a process that - althoough creating new movements and churches within Christianity-, refers mainly to what happened inside the Catholic Church. Therefore if

Was the Reformation good or bad for the Catholic Church?

A:   Arguably, the  Reformation was good for the the Catholic Church, as it became  spiritually stronger because it was forced to face up to its moral  failings in past

How did the Reformation change the Catholic church?

Catholic Answer  The Reformation shook the Bishops and the Vatican out of any  lethargy that had come over them and forced them to look into real  abuses that were happenin

What about the Reformation was most threatening to the Catholic Church?

A:A leading dictionary says that one definition of 'threatening' is  (2) a sign or indication (of something undesirable).   There was also a fear of societal chaos if the

How did the Reformation affect the Catholic Church?

The Reformation was a protest against perceived wrong doings by the  Catholic Church. In response the Catholic Council setup new schools  for priests, ended most corruption,

How did the Reformation help the Catholic Church?

Though the Protestant Reformation was primarily detrimental to the Catholic Church, it did help open the eyes of the clergy to see that reforms were needed and this led to the

How did the Reformation change the political power and social influence of the Roman Catholic Church?

It's just Catholic, not Roman Catholic. Roman is an epithet firstcommonly used in England after the protestant revolt to describethe Catholic Church. It is never used by the o

What happened to the Roman Catholic Church after reformation?

There never was a "Roman Catholic Church", that is an epithet that was coined by the English after the protestant revolt. The Catholic Church held the Council of Trent and th

Why did Catholic Church feel the need for reforms?

Religion is a dangerous subject to comment on, but . . .    The Catholic Church has seen the need to reform many times. The  more recent need was because of the scanda