What effects do cystic fibrosis have on infants?

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How does Cystic Fibrosis effect the human body?

It effects the body in a number of ways: (1) Lungs - It is common for people with CF to encounter some difficulties with their lungs. But a combination of physiotherapy and

What are the effects of cystic fibrosis?

CF causes secretion of abnormally viscous mucus that clogs the respiratory that predisposes the child to respiratory infections. It appears that infection of CF victims' lungs

Effects of cystic fibrosis on digestion?

The thick mucus seen in the lungs and its counterpart in thickened secretions from the pancreas, an organ responsible for providing digestive juices which help break down food

What does cystic fibrosis?

it is a infection in the liver an dlungs and can kill u...... if u have exercise everyday and drink lots of fluids an have a healthy diet also u can take medicines to help tre

How does cystic fibrosis effect someones life?

The thick mucus fills the lungs, making it hard for the effected person to breath. It also can effect the digestion of the person and often leads to an early death. The ef

What are 3 emotional effects of cystic fibrosis?

In my experience with my long-term boyfriend (32 yo. CF patient), the biggest emotional effect I see with him having CF has been that since the time he was very little, he rem

What chromosome does cystic fibrosis effect?

The gene on chromosome 7 produces a protein called cystic fibrosis trans-membrane regulator. Mutation in the DNA level of chromosome 7 leads to the absence of this protein whi

How can cystic fibrosis effect the child and family?

well it is normally black children who get it because of insufficient nutrition. It weakens the bones and joints in the limbs of the children so that they have random but freq