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What features would be most affected by weathering?

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What is the element that affects the weather most?

Temperature, because if it was hot it would not be raining buckets outside and snowing, and if there was cold, the sun would not be beating down on your back making you sweaty

How does weathering affect the earths features?

weathering affects earths features by bringing it down. there's two types of weathering, too. there's physical weathering, and chemical weathering. Physical - Ice Wedging, An

What is the most important factors affecting weather changes?

What else?The sun,is the most important factor.After that follows the Millancovich circles(the name isn't written very well!) that show us how the axis of the earth can be mov

What would be the most trusted weather forecast?

Most people think weather.com is the most trusted weather site online. Facts and studies show it is true. It has the most viewers ans the forecast is the same as the weather c