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What food did french brought to Trinidad?

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When did the French people came to Trinidad?

The French people came to Trinidad in August of 1666 and began  colonizing the area in search of riches. The French remained in  Trinidad until the late 1700s when the Briti

Foods British brought to Trinidad?

foods that the british brought to trinidad are: crumpets, fish and chips, chicken and chips, salmon, burgers and sandwiches

Who brought africans slaves to Trinidad?

The settlers in British West Indies first grew tobacco but found that it was unprofitable. They then sought Africans to plant sugar. This is how the slave trade developed.

Why were African brought to Trinidad?

(i have also had trouble answering this but learned the answer from my teacher) i am 11 years old(just saying)The Africans were brought to Trinidad to work on the sugar cane p