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What food poisoning bacteria is likely to be found in nasal passages throats hair and skin?

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Where is food poisoning most likely found?

Cream or mayonnaise based foods, meat and fish that hasn't been cooked thoroughly, foods from buffets or salad bars in which the food has been sitting out for an extended peri

Where do you bacteria that cause food poisoning?

The bacteria that cause food poisoning (E. Coli, Samonella) are  already found on the food that you buy, but in amounts too small to  hurt you. When food "Spoils", it is bec

What food is most likely to contaminated with food poisoning bacteria?

You don't give list but chicken, undercooked and raw eggs (cookie dough and cake batter), and many salads and lettuces. It has been reported that 1/3 of all eggs and chicken a