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What geographic advantages did the confederacy have during the civil war?

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Which battles did the Confederacy win during the Civil War?

1861 Fort Sumter Win Harpers Ferry Win Manassas Win 1862 Pea Ridge Loss Fort Donaldson Loss Monitor vs. Virginia Tie Peninsula Campaign Win Seven Days Win

What advantages did the Union have over the Confederacy during the US Civil War?

They had much more factories to create war supplies as well as analready planned, strong government. The Union also had an agricultural economy that would be far fromthe major

Did Indians fight for the union or confederacy during the civil war?

Some fought for the Confederacy, some fought for the Union, some remained uninvolved, and some got involved against one side, but not necessarily for the other side - for exam

Were slaves forced to fight for the Confederacy during the Civil War?

A small number of slaves were forced to actually fight for the Confederacy. Large numbers of slaves were put to work supporting the army, moving supplies and manufacturing goo

What advantages did the Confederacy have during the civil war in 1861?

Southern Advantages: - were fighting on home turf - the "common man" new how to fight better - better generals - men knew how to ride horses and fire guns (this really didn't