What group has the higher percentage of AIDS in US straight or gay?

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How do you make a straight guy gay?

You don't. Evidence suggests that people are born gay, whether it'sgenetic, hormonal, or a combination of multiple things, sexualorientation is unchangeable.

Gay to straight?

Cultural oppression of homosexuals and superstition about homosexuality can cause shame and low self-esteem among gay and lesbian people. Extremist religious dogma and/or psychological instability motivates some people to try to become heterosexual through various "therapies," including behavioral m (MORE)

What is the percentage of gays in the US?

Most scientists have estimated the worlds population at between 4%and 10% Gay and Lesbian with up to another 25% as Bisexual. Theworlds population according to the United States Census Bureau iscurrently estimated to be 6,876,400,000 and the US population is307,006,550. The minimum 4% then would be (MORE)

Is aids gay?

Tends to be more so amongst higher risks groups, but anyone can potentially get it without protection.

You are straight and you like to be by another straight Are you gay?

Not if you are straight and the other person is too. Also, if you are attracted to this person and want a romantic relationship with them, then you may be homosexual. [EDIT:]There are more sexual identities than Homo- Hetero- or Bi-sexual. There are many romantic affiliations and such related to t (MORE)

Can a gay man turn straight?

No, there are no studies that show that gay men can change their orientation. All major US mental health organizations have expressed concert at churches and other organizations that claim to be able to change someone from gay to straight. Sometimes people are able to control their behavior , fo (MORE)

What percentage of gay people have AIDS?

Firstly, you'd have to determine how many gay people there are. We don't really know how many there are. BUT, you can estimate. SO, if you say that between 5 and 20 percent of the American populace is composed of gay males, THEN you say that there's about 300,000,000 people in the U.S., AND there's (MORE)

How can you be gay if your straight?

Some people use the term "gay" as a slang word to mean something like stupid, dumd, or something that they particularly do not like. If you are straight then you are straight and you either like men of you are a woman or you like women if you are a man. If you are straight and you wonder what is w (MORE)

What percentage of the US doesn't support gays?

It differs regarding the issue but the majority is supporting: Gay marriage: May 2011 public opinion poll by ABC News/Washington Post showed 53% for. Adopt children: May 2009 Gallup poll showed 54% for.

How can you get your kicks higher and legs straight?

Stretch every day. If you do not have your splits, it will be harder to accomplish good, high, kicks. One of the best ways to improve is also just to practice every day. Make sure that your hip doesn't come up. One of the most helpful stretches to get your kicks higher is to lie on your back and pu (MORE)

Do gay and straight people pay the same tax percentage?

Yes, gay and straight people pay exactly the same tax. Additional Answer: That's not entirely accurate. A gay couple in a state that doesn't legally recognize their married status will pay a different tax rate, ceteris paribus, than a couple that is legally wed. There are some nuances when it co (MORE)

What percentage of people have aids in the US?

Roughly one million people living with HIV/AIDS in the United States. . Since the start of the AIDS epidemic, 1.5 million Americans have been infected with HIV and more than 524,000 have died of AIDS. . At least 40,000 people are infected each year. . African Americans account for 48% of new HIV (MORE)

I used to be a straight man but after my girlfriend left me i am having gay thoughts please help and i already read the ones that say i was born gay but trust me I wasn't I was straight before?

I know nothing about you, so this is just my opinion. I have had any number of men in your position. Stories are all a little different. Most of them came from families that would never allow a son to be gay . If you live your life a certain way for long enough, that becomes normal. You can't see yo (MORE)

Can a straight date a gay?

Technically yes, but there is no point. The gay man/ women has no interest in someone of the opposite gender. Spend your time as buddz! :)

Is Jeremy Abbott straight or gay?

Who cares if a figure skater is gay or straight? If they perform well and give a good show, it should not concern you, nor is it your business. Just enjoy the talent.

How can you change your straight friend gay?

You can't. (And you can't turn a gay person straight.) But since the vast majority of human beings are capable of same-sex intercourse -- even if we don't do it -- there's a chance that your straight friend might be willing to experiment. But don't try to force, or seduce, or trick your friend into (MORE)

What percentage of the US federal budget is spent on foreign aid?

According to the last budget a tiny amount of the total US budget is spent on foreign aid. About 0.1 or 0.2% is the figure. In 2009 the total foreign aid was around $48 billion. President G.W. Bush submitted to Congress a total budget request of $3.1 trillion.

What is higher flush or straight?

A flush is higher than a straight. There are 10 hand rankings, in descending order: Royal Flush, Straight Flush, 4 of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, 3 of a Kind, 2 pair, 1 pair, No pair High card only

What shall you do if you were gay but wants to be straight?

It is not a choice. Your sexual orientation is not changeable. Ifyou were born gay, then you are gay. But the good new is that itdoesn't matter. Just be yourself. You'll never be happy living alie. Answer Well, some people, particularly those who have taken to heart thathomosexuality is a sin ag (MORE)

Can a straight become gay or a gay become straight?

No. It is literally Impossible. If you are gay then you were gayfrom the start. If you are gay you cannot become straight. If youare straight you cannot become gay. You can do gay acts but youwont literally be gay. I am of the opinion that you are born one way or the other, manygay people try to be (MORE)

Does a straight person have the right to get a gay person to use a different change room?

No that would be discriminating. I Would also like to point out that just because someone isattracted to the same sex does NOT mean they fancy YOU! Ex; Astraight woman prefer men but does is not attracted to ALL men.This is something gay people have to deal with often, that peoplethink that just be (MORE)

What percentage of US Marines are gay?

This is unknown, since marines are not surveyed about their sexualorientations. It's likely that the percentage is similar to thegeneral population: about 5%.

How can you get a straight guy gay?

You can't and shouldn't try. Most males have had some sort of same sex experience at some point in their lives even if they will not admit to it. They were curious and that was that. All you can do is let it be known that you would be available should they be interested and leave it at that.

How can you make a straight person gay?

You cannot turn a straight person gay. A person is born with their sexual orientation and nothing can change this. They may decide to lead a homosexual lifestyle, but they will still be a heterosexual and be attracted to members of the opposite sex.

How can a gay guy get a straight guy?

The gay guy has to be natural and not force himself upon the straight guy. He can drop hints such as wearing tight clothing, being shirtless, or walk around in his boxers when he is with the straight guy and see what happens. Of course, if a guy is truly straight, then a gay guy can never get him (MORE)

What do you do if you are a gay teen and want to be straight?

You can't change from gay to straight, but you can be a happyperson. Choose a college in a gay-friendly city, and you will feelmuch better about yourself. You definitely don't have to come out as gay until you are ready,so that is not a concern. Finish high school first.

Can gay be straight?

No, gay is by definition quite different than straight. If you are attracted to both men and women, that would be called bisexual.

How can you get aid if your gay?

Unprotected anal sex. Basically any means through which infected hiv bood, semen or milk can be introduced into a non infected person's blood stream.

What percentage is higher used everyday cigARetts or social networking?

Well basically cigarettes have higher daily percentage because there are some parts of world in which people don't even know the meaning of social networking but smoke cigarettes alot. So, i'll say that smoking cigarettes everyday is alot higher in percentage than daily social networking.

What if straight was gay and gay was straight?

The words you just listed are just that words. The meaning behind it is a mutally agreed definition for the word. If the words were to be switched then nothing else would happen. It would just be a different word used for the same meaning.