If your mother was born in Canada then married your father who is a U.S. citizen can you hold duel citizenship?

The short answer is Yes, BUT, it depends on a number of factors, such as how long ago the Mother came to the USA? Did they ever apply for Canadian citizenship on your behalf? (MORE)
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If an illegal immigrant father has a child in the US can he stay the mother is a U.S. citizen?

No. He will have to return to his country of origin and apply to be an US citizen like everyone else. The child is an US citizen because he/she was born to a parent who is an (MORE)

Can a mother be a legal resident in the US if she had a US baby citizen?

No, she cannot change her status based on her child. But may be she can file for inadmissibility waiver using INS forms I-601.Ample proofs and support documents are required (MORE)
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Can an American citizen father take his child from a foreign country without the consent of the mother?

It can reasonably be assumed from your question that the mother andthe child are together in some foreign country. Ask yourself if thelaws of the US would automatically take p (MORE)