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What had Winston Churchill done to acclaim and respect over Britain?

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How did Winston Churchill get his job as leader of great Britain?

Great Britain was unsatisfied with the efforts of the previous Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain. Winston Churchill, who had a reputation as someone who knew the dangers of

Is the Churchill cigar named after Winston Churchill?

  Answer   Yes. Sir Winston Churchill enjoyed many  different types of cigars and was said to smoke approximately 10 cigars  a day (or 250,000 during his lifetime)

Why was Winston churchill most powerful weapon Britain?

Winston Churchill was the most powerful person in Britain because of the role he had, He was the Prime Minister of England, he was high in military forces and also he was the

Who is Winston Churchill?

I think you mean CHURCHILL.    Sir Winston Churchill was Prime Minister of the U.K. during WW2.  For the first two years of the war, he led Britain as essentially  th

Where was Winston churchill from?

Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill was born in Blenheim, England on the 30th November 1874. Winston Churchill was from England and was born in 1874, in Oxfordshire

What did Winston Churchill do?

Winston Churchill (1874-1965) was an award-winning author, a politician who was twice prime minister, and an army officer who fought in India and in World War I. Timeline o

Winston churchill what did he do?

Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill he was conservative prime minister of Britain on two occasions once 1940-1945 and again in 1951-1955, the only prime minister to serve tw

How did Winston Churchill help Britain win World War 2?

Answer . It was Churchill's sheer force of will that saw Britain through the dark days of 1940. After the loss of the BEF in Europe, and then Dunkirk, Churchill would stil