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What happened after the US entered World War 1?

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When Did Japan Enter World War 1?

Japan entered World War I on August 23, 1914 at the request of  Britain. World War started on July 28, 1914 and ended on November  11, 1918.

Did US win World War 1?

The U.S. helped the Allied side (Russia, Great Britain, France, and Serbia) win the war. They won the war but not by them-selves.

Give 2 reasons the US entered into World War 1?

1. Germans sank many of their merchant ships before the US entered the war with the their u-boats    2. Germans sent a coded message to Mexico that urged Mexico to inva

What do you think would have happened if the US had not entered the war on the war on the side of the allies?

world war 1 Britain and France would of lost the war. We were exhausted, in massive debt and almost in ruins. Germany would of invaded Britain. There would be civil unrest, p

Why did Russia enter World War 1?

Answer   Russia entered the war after Austria declared war against Serbia, because Russia had made itself the guardian of all Slavic and/or Eastern Orthodox peoples, par

When did the US enter war world 1?

In spite of the fact that many Americans wanted the country to  remain neutral, the United States entered World War I on April 6,  1917. World War I ended on November 11, 19

What events prompted the US to enter World War 1?

1) Sinking of the Lusitania - 128 American passengers killed 2) German Unrestricted Submarine Warfare - Many US ships sunk under suspicion of carrying war supplies to Englan
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What if World War 1 didn't happen?

If world war one had not happened then I don't think that world war two would have happened.Sometimes you have to ask yourself:What did it achieve?If you can't come up with an