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What happened that solved the short supply of tobacco?

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What could happen if a nutrient is in short supply?

  Nutrients are essential for us to live. Without them, we would eventually die. When we are short of a nutrient, we would suffer from disorders associated with low intake

The poison in tobacco that causes shortness of breath?

Carbon monoxide (CO) This is mainly caused by irritating gases like formaldehyde ( H2C=O ) and ammonia ( NH3 ) C=O is tasteless, odorless, though very poisoness but nonirri

If the FED decreases the money supply in the short-run what happens?

According to the great Milton Friedman, a decrease in the money supply is was a major contributor to The Great Depression. As far as I can tell, the only reason the FED would

What is the short term positive effects of tobacco and chewing tobacco?

The nicotine in tobacco constricts the blood vessels, giving a person a "buzz." Unlike cigarettes, smokeless tobacco companies are legally allowed to put flavors into the toba

What will happen to the appliance if there is a short circuit to the cable supplying it?

Electricity takes the path of least resistance - That is to say most of the electricity takes the path of least resistance. In this case the short circuit will have an incredi