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What happened that solved the short supply of tobacco?

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What will happen to the appliance if there is a short circuit to the cable supplying it?

Electricity takes the path of least resistance - That is to say most of the electricity takes the path of least resistance. In this case the short circuit will have an incredi

How do you solve when demand exceeds supply?

Make or stock more but sell higher until supply meets demand, usually selling at a fair market price will cause higher volumes of sales because more can afford it. Conversely,

What are the short-term effects of tobacco use?

It's important to not overlook what happens to the body minutesafter you inhale cigarette smoke. As soon as you take your firstpuff, your body will experience increased blood

What happens when you snort tobacco?

what do u think let me guess it clogs up ur nostrils and your sinuses and then u realise how much of an idiot u were 2 ever decide to put anything up your nose. actually i

What could happen if a nutrient is in short supply?

  Nutrients are essential for us to live. Without them, we would eventually die. When we are short of a nutrient, we would suffer from disorders associated with low intake

The poison in tobacco that causes shortness of breath?

Carbon monoxide (CO) This is mainly caused by irritating gases like formaldehyde ( H2C=O ) and ammonia ( NH3 ) C=O is tasteless, odorless, though very poisoness but nonirri

What happens when you use tobacco?

Your breath stinks, your nails go yellow your more likely to get  cancer and heart disease. and you cough alot. In other words it's  not a good idea to smoke!

What could happen if you chew tobacco?

If you chew tobacco, a great buzz can follow for the first several times of use. These effects will gradually wear off, and will not be as strong if you ingest nicotine from s

What happens if you use tobacco underage?

You begin your journey to cancer alot earlier than most, you could also recieve an underage tabbacco possession ticket. Usualy around $500 where I am from.