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What happened when you combined Ag and Na2S What does this indicate?

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What happens to water when add indicator?

water is pretty neutral in terms of the pH scale, so nothing should happen unless you have poisoned water .It'll turn green if you used universal indicator(pH7), after you add (MORE)

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What happens when aluminium and oxygen combine?

A passive aluminum oxide layer will form on the surface of the aluminum, when it is in the presence of Oxygen (Al2O3). This then goes on to protect the rest of the aluminum fr (MORE)

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What happens when you combine fire and water?

Well if you mix water on a grease fire it makes the fire worse. If you pour water on an electrical fire the water then become electrocuted as well. Sometimes though in a regul (MORE)

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What is Na2S?

It is a Ionic bond between Sodium Ions and Sulfide Ions. The formula name is Sodium Sulfide.
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Indication for ofloxacin ornidazole combination?

  treatment of GI problems (diarrhea/cramps) associated with waterborne bacterial/plasmodial pathogens. called O2 or Ornilox. This is commonly prescribed for GI problems w (MORE)

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