Acme plans to construct a new manufacturing facility in 14 years if acme estimates that today's cost of the new plant is 312822611 and annual inflation is 3. how much will the plan cost in 14 years?

Future Value = Present Value * (1 + rate) ^ T time period of rate. FV= 312822611 *1.03^14. FV = $473172267.10. in 14 years at 3% inflation the factory will cost precisely $ (MORE)

My female 3 lbs Yorkie who is 1 year old just got pregnant by my 4.5 lbs Yorkie. I planned to have her fixed in 2 weeks but i just saw them 'tied' so is she in danger having these pups?

if your dog is pregnant she is in danger.i have been breeding dogs for 30 years and i have never bread a dog under 4 1/2lbs.Becuase they are to small to go under anistegia whi (MORE)

I just received a bench warrant from las Vegas for a speeding violation from 3 years ago i no longer live in lv and don't plan on returning should i research and pay this or is there an SOL?

There is no SOL on speeding violation if the state of Nevada has issued you a bench warrant which you fail to comply with the state can render you at default in you absents an (MORE)

What year does NASA plan to return to the moon?

NASA had planned to have a return trip to the moon for as early as 2019 (fifty year anniversary of Apollo 11). However with the project being cancelled in Presidents Obama's b (MORE)