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What happens when a head goose gets tired?

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What happens when a motorcycle gets a flat tire?

Answer   Hopefully not a "blow-out"   Heh heh heh...   Yeah, that too. If you have wire-spoke wheels on just about anything that isn't a recent BMW, you have an i

What happens if you bathe a rabbit and its head gets wet?

If a rabbit's head gets wet, it could get an ear infection. Baths are not usually necessary for rabbits. Healthy rabbits bathe themselves, and as a matter of course you shoul

What can happen if a ticks head gets stuck in a dog?

    The tick head is a foreign object that the body reacts to the way it would to splinter: redness and swelling, infection, sometimes the presence of pus. This is a p

What if your child has a goose egg on the back of her head?

Well first put ice on it, that will keep the swelling down. Keep the ice on it until its gotten like not really hurting to much, and the swelling has gone down somewhat. Don't