What happens when you get an Infection in your blood?

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What are the Symptoms for mild blood infection?

Fever Chills Loss of appetite Out of sorts May be symptomless in the early stages In infants: Loss of appetite Lack of eye contact Cry is not luscious cerebral cry "Mushy" Irritability Lethargy Diarrhea Vomiting No social smile irritable or lethargic on cuddling or ex (MORE)

What happens if your pierced ears get infected?

clean your piercings with soap and water twice a day for the first three days the infection should clear up in 24 to 72 hours. DO NOT remove the earrings. once the infection has cleared up, you can decide if you want to remove the earrings or not

What happens if you get an infection with your new tattoo?

If it's left unattended, it could go deeper into your skin or spread wider. Worst case scenario: you get gangrene or leprosy and your skin starts to fall off. More likely in the 21st century: It'll feel itchy and sore longer than it ought to and that's really irritating. It could cause some parts (MORE)

What happens when a Bacteriophage infects bacteria?

Bacteria are MUCH BIGGER than viruses. A virus is a bacteriophage. When the virus infects the bacteria, the virus injects the bacteria with it's DNA code. The virus' DNA code starts to multiply inside the bacteria, which then bursts, and the infected bacteria cells multiply over and over again.

How do Protozoan infection with guppy's happen?

Any kind of infection in a tank indicates either a lack of quarantine or a lack of proper care. Always quarantine any new fish for at least 30 days and always stick to the basic rules of fishkeeping. The rules are. :- 1 inch of fish needs at least 1 gallon of water but more is better. :- Every tank (MORE)

What can happen from an infected nose piercing?

Well if the piercing is truly infected then nothing good can happen by leaving an infected piercing alone. Tissue damage and cartilage damage can cause permanent disfigurement as well as secondary complications with surrounding organs and tissue. If you are having a piercing related issue then I wou (MORE)

What happens if your computer is infected?

Many things can happen. Probably the most common one is a noticeable decrease in your computer's overall performance. The second thing that can happen is your computer can start tasks without your permission or without your knowledge. The third thing that can happen is a sort of scam, where you get (MORE)

What happens after a person is infected with HIV?

HIV (Human Immuno-deficiency Virus) is a virus which can quickly lead to AIDS (Aquired Immuno-deficiency Syndrome). With the correct medication, known as anti-retrovirals, a sufferers life-span can be considerably lengthened. After developing AIDS, treatment with anti-retroviral medication can in (MORE)

Which blood cells kill infections?

Your white blood cells are the blood cells that fight infections and disease. Infections are caused by fungi, viruses and bacteria. You white blood cells produce these things called antibodies which sort of eat up the microbes inside of your body. Microbes cause disease when they are able to repr (MORE)

Can blood in saliva be from sinus infection?

It might be, since sinus drainage goes into the back of the throat and can be mixed in saliva. But it may also be from many other conditions. If this is persistent, you should contact a health care provider to diagnose and treat it appropriately.

Does scabies cause blood infection?

NO scabies is just skin infection caused by sarcoptes scabiei. secondary infection caused by bacteria may occur in only immunocompromised person

What happenes if you pierce your ear and you get it infected?

You should always get your piercing done proffessionally. If your piercing has gone bad, take it out and clean it with either antiseptic or warm salt water and leave the piercing out until it heals over. Alternatively, do that keeping the piercing in, its up to you.

What is mostly to happen when an infection occurs?

Well, if you are talking about a yeast infection then you could expect thicker bodily fluids coming out of your vagina, it has been compared to cottage cheese. It goes away with medication. They sell it at walmart, it's usually just some kind of cream you put in a suringe like applicator and use at (MORE)

What happens to a human who is infected with rabies?

The incubation period of the disease is usually a few months in humans, depending on the distance the virus must travel to reach the central nervous system. Early-stage symptoms of rabies are malaise, headache and fever, progressing to acute pain, violent movements, uncontrolled excitement, depressi (MORE)

Can blood infection affect pregnancy?

blood is a sterile fluid so any infection that reach the blood is serious problem yes, blood infection affect pregnancy .because if any thing affect the mother it will affect the baby

What happens to an eye when it is infected?

The symptoms and treatment vary depending on the type of eye infection that you are suffering from. If you have concerns about your vision, it is important to see an eye doctor and make sure you receive treatment. For a summary of some of the possible eye infections or conditions that you could b (MORE)

What if i touch someone blood and they are infected with AIDS?

First it depends on the risk of exposure, that is if you have some kind of bruise or wound, where the blood has touched you stand a high chance of contracting HIV, but if you have no wound or skin damage the chances of acquiring the virus are limited. It is advisable after exposure that you take (MORE)

What happens to animals infected with rabies?

They are afraid of water which means they don't drink it which means they die from dehydration.it would also mean it wont be scared of humans and would come closer and closer and bite you

What is best to eat for a blood infection?

You need to eat a healthy diet when fighting any infection. This would include a well rounded mixture of fruits and vegetables and lean proteins for the vitamins and minerals. Limiting fats in the diet also can help. However, blood infections are very serious and can even be deadly, so you should (MORE)

Can cow feces and blood infect humans?

If it's from a perfectly healthy cow, no. If it's from a cow thathas a zoonotic disease that can be spread through its blood and/orfeces, then yes. But there is no recorded or known disease that isliable to cause such health problems for humans.

Can blood resist to get HIV infection?

.....I have no idea why would you ask this question....HIV transmit because of blood transfusion or blood contact. There is no blood that can resist HIV infection...In fact blood is the best way to get HIV infection. If you are exposed to blood contaminated with HIV...Do get an early check up.

What happens when HIV infects the body?

When the HIV virus enters the body, it attacks the cells of the body that are designed to protect us from disease. Once these cells are killed off, the body is unable to fight off infections. In time, the person will develop certain diseases. For example, there is a condition called PCP which is a (MORE)

What happens to and infected cartilage?

Make sure to clean anytype of cartliaga piercing 2-3 times a day amd use h2ocean or anytype of sea salt water 3-5 times and a day... With an infected piercing make sure to clean it when ur supposed DO NOT take out a piercing while it is infected... Anitbotics will help with infection along with the (MORE)

What happens if your get an infection from a body piercing?

Properly cleaned piercings should not get infected. But, if they do, then try to clean them to the point to where your body will take over the fight. If that does not work, then try to get your hands on some antibiotics. It is quite important to NOT take out the piercing though, as the skin will clo (MORE)

What increases in the blood when your suffering from an infection?

The white cell count increases in the blood when a person has an infection because the white blood cells help to fight infection. One action they take is to raise the person's temperature on the premise that the elevated temperature might kill the infected bodily parts. t

Is a blood infection terminal?

Bacterial infections of the blood are generally called septicemia,or sepsis. Septicemia is very deadly if not treated.

What happens if the pericardium becomes infected?

This is called pericarditis. An inflammation of the sac around the heart. Chest pain is very common. It can be caused by an infection or a heart attack. Pain is better with sitting up and leaning forward. Heart attacks themselves do not feel better with these position changes. Heart attacks feel l (MORE)

Yeast infection in blood?

There are some cases of severe yeast infections being in the blood.These usually happen when a yeast infection is left untreated or apersons immune system is low.