What happened to Cheaters TV show?

ANSWER: As far as I know it was cancelled because some spouse who were cheating complain to that company. 2-28-2012 Cheaters is on Channel 17 CW7 @ 11:00am through Comcas (MORE)

What happened to exercise TV shows?

I red that they posted in an open letter on their website that they are shutting down their site and pulling the plug. I am so disappointed about this. I can assume it is a do (MORE)

What do the duggars make off their TV show?

lots of money. howmuch is there grocery bill elect water ect they will make more there stand for the lord and the closer they live and walk with him the will do better don't f (MORE)
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How do you get tv shows off of youtube?

If you are the copyright owner of a TV show that has been postedonto YouTube, you can file a DMCA Complaint. This will cause thevideo in question to be taken down until it is (MORE)

What is the TV show Dance Moms?

Dance Moms is a hit show on lifetime. It is a show about girls who range from 8-14 and there crazy competitive dance moms. She show often catches the mothers cussing at one an (MORE)