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What helps things pass in or out of the cell if they cant do it on there own?

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Why cant you own a midget?

You can all you have to do is call now 911 its that easy 911. And it only costs $999999999999999999999999999.04 so call now so you can get your self a midget call and scream i

How does cell division help maintain homeostasis in living things?

How does a broken bone heal?Cell division produces new healthy bone cells that replace the damaged cells.Similarly,cell division can replace aging cells and those that die fro

What structure allows only certain things to pass in and out of a cell?

The cell membrane. It is a semi-permeable membrane (or selectively permeable membrane) - this means that it only lets certain certain molecules or ions pass in or out of the c

What are some things that can pass through a cell membrane?

Water molecules, certain ions, glucose and non-polar compounds can pass through the cell membrane without the requirement of energy. They cannot pass through the membrane at a

Ways that things can pass in and out of the cell membrane?

the four ways things transport through a cell are: passive diffusion: when a higher concentration is outside of the cell, then it diffused into a lower concentration inside