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What hotel do NFL players stay at in Kansas city?

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Where do visiting NFL teams stay when Kansas City?

  Hotels bid for their business. Every visiting team is contacted with bids from various hotels outlining the services, security, and pricing bids each year when the new s

How many nfl players are from rockhurst high school in kansas city?

I believe that Rockhurst has sent 11 players to the NFL so far. Here they are: Tony Blevins Brad Budde Chris Garlich Mark Goodspeed John Mccambridge Paul Migliazzo Kenyon Rash

What hotel do Major League Baseball players stay when playing the Kansas City Royals?

MLB has a contract in every city with ONE hotel, paid for by the  team & in KC it is NOT the Westin! You will find most of the  players at the Intercontinental Hotel, there