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What human being to travel into space was from what country?

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Who was the first human to travel to space?

  The first human to travel into space was Russian Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin on the 12th April 1961 when he became the first human in space and the first to orbit the earth.

When will humans travel to space next?

Answer #1:   Probably by 2030-2035.   But   Remembered it won't be easy.   One US company has already started bookings for MARS.   BUT   There will not

Should humans travel into space?

  as humans we have the freedom to explore the universe in any way we please. to some the danger does not seem exceptable but it is the individuals choice is it not

What year did the first human being travel into space?

The first human in space was Yuri Gagarin, 12th April 1961. he launched in Vostok 3KA-3. The capsule is often referred to as Vostok-1, as this was the name given to the payloa