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What do you do with a uncontrollable 16 year old boy?

  Answer   Well see what happens when you don't discipline them early on?? Cut off his allowance, ground him, get him therapy or send him to military school. If you (MORE)

Can i kick an 19 years old uncontrollable youth kid out of the house in Colorado?

  Answer   Yes, the legal age of majority for the state is 18.   A 19-year-old is a legal adult and his or her parents have no legal obligation to support or hous (MORE)
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What is the best way for an 11 year old boy to masturbate?

I am not a 11 year old boy but I do know what the best way for a boy to masturbrate but it depends if your parnets know you are masturbrating and if you are home alone or not (MORE)
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Is masturbation good for 19 yr old boy?

Yes it is good for 19 year old. It helps decrease stress and helps with relaxation and even insomnia.
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