What do you do with a uncontrollable 16 year old boy?

Answer . Well see what happens when you don't discipline them early on?? Cut off his allowance, ground him, get him therapy or send him to military school. If you can't ba (MORE)

Can i kick an 19 years old uncontrollable youth kid out of the house in Colorado?

Answer . Yes, the legal age of majority for the state is 18.. A 19-year-old is a legal adult and his or her parents have no legal obligation to support or house the perso (MORE)

What do you do about an uncontrollable 17 year old boy?

Depends on what you mean by uncontrollable. If he is not taking any notice of you (the parent or guardian) or being disruptive or violent you can ask for assistance from Socia (MORE)
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Ky 19 year old out of control what parent can do?

Have you thought about asking him out to lunch or to hang out one-on-one so you can talk to him about how much he means to you?
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Can a 19 year old boy legally go out with a 17 year old boy?

No. At 19 he is an adult. The 17 year old is a minor. The 19 year old can be charged with rape of the 17 year old with/without consent. Many Countries have a minimum Age of (MORE)