What if the child has special needs and father has no experience taking care of the child what can happen?

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What is a 'special-needs' child?

Special needs child In general terms a special needs child is onewho has some type of physical or mental/emotional disability. Thespecific definition of "special needs" varies from state to state.It may be that the child has special medical issues, mental healthissues, abuse history, learning disabi ( Full Answer )

What are the rights of fathers who now take care of their children but still pay child support?

Answer . \nIf you and your ex both have the children it is not unusual for the father to pay child support. Don't forget, the ex has to go to work to provide for those children in most cases and that is a large cost. There is day care for the children, buying clothes, schooling, food, etc. It' ( Full Answer )

If the mother leaves her child and husband and the husband takes over the care of the child who has legal rights to that child and does the father have to pay child support to the mother?

Answer . If a mother leaves her children in her husbands care and leaves the marital home then he owes her no child support. In fact she owes him child support. They have joint custody of the children until a court decides otherwise and unless there is a good reason it would continue that way. H ( Full Answer )

Can you homeschool a special needs child?

Yes, special needs children are the most often homeschooled. Ryan Gosling was pulled out of school because he had special needs and homeschooled... and he didn't turn out too bad huh? :)

Why would a man not take care of child?

For the same reasons a woman might not, some valid, some not. Examples would be lack of adequate financial resources to provide food, shelter, medical care, clothing and a stable loving environment, the parent's illness or disability, etc. Some parents choose not to support their children for less t ( Full Answer )

What experience a child actor need to have?

Well there is quite a few needs for this. Child actor need to be natural born actor to do this, I have it, I think and the most important thing is they need to be good at lease 1 topic ex: Comedy, horror etc. And they cannot be embarassing when they acting something stupid for the film, like crying, ( Full Answer )

How do you take care of a child?

The way to raise a child? Is to guide them the best way you can with love and hope thing turns out ok. But make sure that child has a good home and people who loves them forever. But u also have 2feed and give it a loving home first.

What age does a child need to own and take care of a baby hamster?

I would recommend having the child be at least 7 years old. Also, i would make a little checklist for her/him to check off everyday. Add things like feed if bowl is empty, play with, and other things that he/she would need to do. Don't forget to include on one of the days of the week to change water ( Full Answer )

Do dogs take care of their child?

Yes they do, but sometimes they have to abandon one to save the others. I'd say they are better parents than most humans are today.

What happens if a child care provider is accused of hitting a child in His or Her care child and if found not guilty can He or She return working in a child care environment.?

If a child care provider is accused of hitting a child in his or her care, the situation should be investigated. The director of the center should speak with both the child and worker separately. Also the child care worker, should be placed on suspension until the incident is completely investigated ( Full Answer )

How do you take care of a child with Down syndrome?

A down syndrome child is fairly normal depending on the percentage of the case i.e. the intensity of the patient. I would know this because my sister is a down syndrome child having it at only 5%. Basing on her case, her behaviour is normal although her appearance may show some signs. For instance, ( Full Answer )

What do you need for child care?

First and most importantly, you need a genuine love of children - all children, not just your own. You need a desire to do the best you can one hundred percent of the time. Then you need a home and a protected place to play. You need to get licensed for your protection. You need contracts. You need ( Full Answer )

How is raising a special needs child similar to raising a child without special needs?

Actually, I became a better parent to my children that are not special needs due to the parenting techniques I practiced with my oldest autistic child. Each special needs is different, but I found I took the time to detail and explain expectations better. I think we make an assumption with children ( Full Answer )

What subjects are needed for child care?

Maths and English as absolute definates! This is then closely followed by ICT (computers) and child development. Strangly enough, Child development isn't much needed but obviously is needed a bit.

What Experience Working in child care centres?

Not sure exactly what the question is, but if I assume correctly, you're asking what kind of experience is needed or what counts as experience? If so, the answer is typically about two years experience with children other than your own. Two years is a strong enough time period to have handled a vari ( Full Answer )

If child on disability does father need to pay child support?

SSA payments paid on a child's behalf, based on the child support obligor's SSA account, count as child support for the month that they are paid. E.g., support obligation is $100 for November 2009, SSA pays $200 on child's behalf, obligor owes nothing in addition. (BTW, the excess cannot be "carri ( Full Answer )

Who will take care of child when parent get divorce?

Family law is a legal area where states probably differ themost, Each has its own rules and presumptions. There has been atraditional presumption in favor of the mother. Today, there aresome cases where the father has acted as the primary parent beforethe divorce and so will continue that role. The ( Full Answer )

What is it like to have a special needs child?

Its the same as raising any other child....but with an extra workload thrown in! My personal experience is one that is very tiring, yet still very rewarding. The emotional struggle is significantly increased....waiting round the operating theatre for news, keeping up to 6 appointments a week, being ( Full Answer )

If you have sole custody of a child and you get arrested can the father take the child?

The answer depends on the details which haven't been included here. This is a complicated situation and you haven't explained whetherthe mother is incarcerated. If so the father may have to provide asafe temporary home for the child while he files a petition foran emergency temporary custody order ( Full Answer )

What do you need to do if the man that pays child support to your child is not the father?

If you are not collecting Welfare, and your intent is to release him from the obligation, a motion will need to be made to the court, however if he already has parental rights, stopping support will not include stopping his access rights. Also, though the mother can file to suspend support, the man ( Full Answer )

How can a father take a child from its mother?

United States A father cannot take a child from its mother. He needs to try to get custody through the family court. Generally, if the parents are unmarried the mother has sole custody and control in most states until the father can establish his paternity. Remember, a child's mother can alw ( Full Answer )

Why do you need to take care of child?

because a child cant take care of its self it doesn't know how to cook,bath,change its clothes,or anything ,and a child must have love to keep it happy

Why a child needs a quiet area in a child care centre?

Children who are sick might prefer to stay in a quiet area, rather than making the effort, or feeling as though they should, interact with other children. A quiet area is also a place where children can talk to or read with an educator. Quiet areas allow an individual child or small group of child ( Full Answer )

Does a father have the right to take full custody of a child if the mother is terminally ill and the step father is providing all the care?

That is up to a court to decide. The father cannot take that action on his own. He need to petition for full custody. However, if the child has been in a stable and loving home, and well cared for, the court is not likely to terminate the mother's custody at this terrible time unless it can be prove ( Full Answer )

Who takes care of Huck as a child?

he mostly takes care of himself. Pap is around, but he's a violent drunk, and Huck tries his best to stay away from him (also, his mother died)

Do you need the father's permission to take a child out of the country even though the father is in jail?

The advice is the same for either a mother or father traveling alone with a child. If you are traveling alone with your child you should be aware that concerns about parental abductions has made border officials more vigilant when they find a child traveling alone with one parent. You should be prep ( Full Answer )

How do you file a child need of care motion?

That depends on where you live, but in most cases, it would be done by filing a request for the same with the agency in charge of determination. Depending on prevailing law, an individual may not be able to do file such a motion themselves but needs to report suspected neglect or abuse to law enforc ( Full Answer )

How you take care of child fish?

similar to how to treat human children: nurture and feed them beat them when they are bad send them away if they become teen parents Lil B the Based God swag woop like caillou

Why is child care needed?

Child care is needed when a person works and can't watch their kids. So they hire a daycare or a babysitter to watch their kids.

If the mother nelgects the child and the father was not found unfit to take care of the child can the state give custody of the child to the grandmother without the consent from the father?

The court may award custody to whomever they feel would act in the best interests of the child and that does not have to be a biological parent. If you do not agree with that decision, you do have the right to appeal, but appellate guidelines move quickly and in addition, you would need to provide c ( Full Answer )

Should a father have to take care of a child forced on them in New York?

No one can force a child on you. If you are the biological father you have to pay for your child's upkeep. You can give up your parental rights and don't have to have anything else to do with your child but you have to pay child support. This is when you notice how cheap condoms are compared to chil ( Full Answer )

Does a divorced father need mothers permission to take his child to the doctor?

It depends on who has legal custody. If he has sole legal custody he can make that decision alone. If he has joint legal custody he must include the child's mother in the decision. If the mother has legal custody then he does not have the right to make the decision have the child treated except in ( Full Answer )