What if the haters dab back?

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What is a hater?

"Hater" is a term used by people to try and discredit anyone who criticizes them. Discrediting someone is a way to try and improve you argument. However it is not a very stron

What is dab?

Dab means to touch lightly and quickly.

What are haters?

Generally, haters are people who love to put down or insult and fault someone else regardless of whether or not they've done anything wrong, and in most cases, they haven't.

Who is a hater?

angry people that hate people like that are awesome ya know? they are so evil. but guess what? don't worry about the haters the honey badgers will take care of them! XD

Who is dabs?

dabs refers to :a small quantity of something moist or liquid; "a dab of paint"; .....but as this question is in the forum of technology.....dabs is a website dealing with the

What is a haters?

Haters mean H..Having A..Anger T..Towards E..Everyone R..Reaching S..Success

Is dab a word?

Yes, it is to describe an action. "To apply with short poking strokes" i.e. paint with a paint brush
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What is dab made out of?

Dabs are just concentrated doses of cannabis in the form of asticky oil.
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How do you do the dab?

put your face in your inner elbow and duck your head down
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What is the dab?

The dab is a victory dance of a football player. You bow your headon one elbow when the other hand is pointed outward.
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Is dab life?

No, unless your life is now dead
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How do you dab?

To dab implies a small movement of the hand, as compared to thelarger action to wipe. To dab implies taking a small amount of gauze or fabric(handkerchief; washcloth) to light