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What is a hater?

"Hater" is a term used by people to try and discredit anyone who criticizes them. Discrediting someone is a way to try and improve you argument. However it is not a very strong argument and holds about as much weight as saying "know you are said you are but what am I". For example " Yeah i know i ju ( Full Answer )

Where does a sand dab live?

sand dab n. . Any of several small food fishes of the genus Citharichthys of Pacific waters, related to and resembling the flounders.. Answers.com

Is a DAB radio allowed in an airplane?

No, a DAB radio should not be used in an aeroplane. It can cause the aeroplane computer equipment to malfunction, however, a DAB radio is "allowed on" an aeroplane, but it will probably be checked to make sure it is not a bomb! :D

What are haters?

Generally, haters are people who love to put down or insult and fault someone else regardless of whether or not they've done anything wrong, and in most cases, they haven't. Example 1: To dislike someone or their talent does not mean to be a hater, but to dislike someone because they have talen ( Full Answer )

Why are people haters?

never let peeple let u down cuz they will kep on doing it and give them attention! ignore haters until they fadeaway and never let words get to u cuz ur great!! ;)

Why do haters hate?

1. they hate because there is something that u got and they want it. 2. because you go with there x boyfriend 3. They feel a sense of power, of control when they hate and make someone feel bad. 4. Perhaps they see someone feeling good about something and are jealous, not necessarily of that somethi ( Full Answer )

What is a dab radio?

D.A.B radio is Digital Audio Broadcasting, and basically means you can search the radio channels on a built-in keypad. I think that's it, but I'm not 100% sure...

What does DAB radio mean?

DAB in the context of radio means "Digital Audio Broadcasting". It is a digital radio broadcasting technology used particularly in Europe.

Where does the phrase 'smack dab' come from?

In essence, the phrase means "slapped precisely in the center." According to the Oxford English Dictionary, smack-dab showed up in print in 1892: "He hit him smack dab in the mouth" [Dialect Notes I, 232]. The first element, smack, is used as an adverb. It is defined as "with, or as with, a smack ( Full Answer )

Why does Beyonce have haters?

Beyonce has haters for many reasons. Different people have different perceptions of her. . She is a successful and beautiful African American singer. . Many other less successful singers may feel that they as talented, if not more talented, but do not have the same success. . Many other peopl ( Full Answer )

What is a hater mark?

It's a hickey that normal another quy or qirl will qive yuh symbolizinq that yuh belonq to them or that yuhr sexually active oreven physically active with. Hater marks are also qiven to one another to warn others that they're taken && to back off.

How do you deal with a hater?

It might seem hard, but rise above it all. Kill them with dignity and kindness. Smile and keep yourself busy, always on your grind. Remember the sticks and stones lines from youth. Feel sorry for their mentality and try to show them how to be a bigger person. Stay focus on your goals in life. ( Full Answer )

Who is a hater?

angry people that hate people like that are awesome ya know? they are so evil. but guess what? don't worry about the haters the honey badgers will take care of them! XD

What do haters mean?

people who hate on other people for diff reasons haters mean : having anger towords everyone reaching success

What rhymes with hater?

Answer 1 . There are many words that rhyme with hater. Here are a few: . baiter . crater . dater . gaiter, gator, alligator . later . mater, pater . rater . skater . slater . Answer 2 . rater later aligator dont be a potater put in on paper

Haters love Me?

yes they do. they are just hating you because you have a better future and a chance of lifetime and they are just waisting their time focusing on you instead of their funky behind. yes their eyes love you, GO ON GIRL!!!!

Who is dabs?

dabs refers to :a small quantity of something moist or liquid; "a dab of paint"; .....but as this question is in the forum of technology.....dabs is a website dealing with the latest laptops,digital players,softwares andother components!

What rhymes with dab?

slab, cab, fab, aab, bab, eab, gab, hab, jab, pab, nab, mab, vab, xab, zab, qab, wab, rab, tab, yab, uab, iab, oab

Can you use your UK dab in America?

The US currently has no DAB (though Canada does). Any further information you need you will probably find on the link.

What is an 808 hater?

An 808 can either refer to a drum beat devide or a terrorist you decide.

Why are there RuneScape haters?

It's probably people who complain that Runscape charge too much for membership, without realizing the fact that World Of Warcraft is much worse in terms of fees. these kids think £3.50 is a lot because they only get a bit of pocket money not realising that £3.50 would be lucky to get you a ( Full Answer )

How do you use 'dab' in a sentence?

A little dab will do you. Dab some on me! A dab and a promise will do the trick! My favorite painting technique to give texture is the ol' "stab and dab" method.

What is a Christmas hater?

A Christmas hater is someone who doesn't like Christmas. That person may find the joy, songs, crowds, etc., annoying and frustrating. Some people also get sad around Christmas and therefore don't care for the perceived pressure to be happy.

Where is dabs in Virginia?

you dont, marijuana is illegal in virginia. unless you want to buya blowtorch and butane a couple pounds in your house....you betterknow what your doing or else you'll blow your house up.

I don't know what to do about my hater?

My honest opinion is absolutely "nothing". If this person is truly hating on you, then your best option is to ignore this person, avoid this person, and then show this person that your are perfectly happy in your life without them being any part of it. One thing I have learned in life is that "tr ( Full Answer )

What are dabs and flounders?

Both are flat fishes. They are found on the ocean floor and their body helps them camouflage.

Do people get haters in Twitter?

It is possible just like in other social networking websites. However, you can protect your tweets on Twitter. This means that your profile and tweets are private and you must accept people (a bit like a friend request) to view them. There is also a block feature where you can block certain us ( Full Answer )

Why Pygmalion became a woman hater?

The word pygmalion meaning more than one spouse, they dont excatly hate women they were just born to think that they are replaceable and are able to have more then one spouse. As it may seem evil and "women hating to us" to the its who they are.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a DAB radio?

Advantages of DAB Radio over FM/AM radio's: 1) they automatically tune into all of the available radio stationsand so do not need retuning 2) they can display extra information using PAD, such as the songtitle, artist name and general information about the radio station 3) there is a greater choise ( Full Answer )

Why do you have haters in the world?

because they have no life and they just want to be like you (like my haters) they want the same stuff as you or you have something they want but cant get (like my haters) they just hate instead of appreciating

Why are there boxxy haters?

Because there are Boxxy lovers. You can't be loved if you aren'thated by someone. But we can't force the haters to be right. That's why they hateher.

Is cal a hater?

Due to the fact that he yells a lot and hates when people talk or walk around, yes he is definitely a hater.

Is hatered a noun?

Yes, the word 'hatred' is a noun, a common, abstract, uncountable noun; a word for an intense feeling of dislike.

What does it mean to dab something?

To dab something, one is touching something lightly. For instance, if someone dabs a paint brush against a canvas, they are touching the brush lightly against the canvas.

What kind of product does dabs offer?

Dabs is an engineering retail company that offers many different types of quality technology products from mp3 players to laptop computers at an affordable price.

Why are boys haters?

well boys are haters because maybe they like you or they wanna give you a signal and say "hey I like you more than you like me" or perhaps they just hate because you are better than them please rate me and like me xoxo

Is dab an adverb?

A dab can be a verb ("Dab it here."). It can be a noun ("Look at that dab."). It is not an adverb. Hint: Most adverbs end in "ly" because they describe how something occurs ("happily", "quickly", "rapidly", "sadly").

Where can a DAB portable radio be bought?

One could find a number of stores selling a DAB portable radio. A few of the recommended stores are Curry's, Amazon, Argos and Tesco. They can also be found at discounted prices on eBay.

What can you do on the website Dabs Direct?

On the website Dabs Direct a person can purchase desktop computers, laptop computers, tablets, smartphones, hard drives, printers, and computer software.

Where can one purchase Dabs computers?

One can purchase Dabs computers from Dabs, eBay, Hot UK Deals, etc. One can read some good reviews from Trust Pilot, Review Centre, Facebook and many more.

Is dab a word?

Yes, it is to describe an action. "To apply with short poking strokes" i.e. paint with a paint brush

What is the dab?

The dab is a victory dance of a football player. You bow your headon one elbow when the other hand is pointed outward.

How does angela dab?

sje is an amazing perso sos she dabs with amazing personality. sheis the cam newton of the panthers at dabbing.